9 of My Favorite True Crime Books {Genre Lovers Should Read}

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7b19a1ac0f1dc41fa6ae1fbe96f9ce742284a615170155e786 Maybe a couple weeks ago Buzzfeed had an article with eighteen true crime books listed. Of course being a self-appointed “True Crime Buff” I clicked. A lot of the books I agreed with, but there were some that were missing that are SO good!!!! So, if you happen to be a fan of the genre you should definitely check some of these books out.

1. The Bone Garden – This one makes me particularly excited because it took place in my home town. I’ve been to the house, my mom took a tour, and it was a part of my growing up. Dorthea Puente was a female serial killer, one of the rarest of types and completely fascinating to me. She killed people, took their welfare and buried them in their yard. FASCINATING or creepy depending on who you ask.

2. A Sniper in the Tower – This one is both heartbreaking and fascinating. The story of Charles Whitman is almost a curious case. He killed his wife, mother, and decided to go up into the tower at the University of Texas and pick people off. In a very interesting time of police work, where there were no radios like today, they were outgunned, and so much more.

3. Body Parts – Wayne Adam Ford killed four women in Humboldt County, and walked into the Sheriff’s office and confessed it. Caitlin Rother is a fantastic author and has written several other crime books. This may not be the most memorable of crime stories, but I just find it particularly fascinating. Ford was sentenced to death. 
4. Fatal Vision – probably my favorite crime book. So much so that my one of my besties gave me a first edition for my birthday and wrote me a note in it. Is that weird? For two people going to school for Crime related things its not so weird, trust me. This is one of those kind of unsolved, but not really unsolved cases. Jeffery McDonald was in the Army, when his entire family was horribly murdered in base housing. While there was enough evidence to convict, the question has always remained. Joe Guinness is the author of this and he spent a significant amount of time with Jeffery during the trial. Fascinating stuff. There’s also a really good tv movie.

5. Hush Little Babies – Another argued “unsolved” where you so desperately want to believe its untrue, and you are conflicted by reading it. It’s crazy to think about how many of these types of cases are around like this. This one in particular is creepy because it involves a mother killing her children. But the mystery involved, the time it took, the fact that her husband was also in the house. Its a really good book and an intriguing story. There have been several good shows on the story.
6. From Cradle to Grave – This book needs very little introduction other than what is on the book cover. I mean, she was caught almost red-handed smothering her child. Then you realize she had eight other children who died. And THEN you realize she was a nurse with suspicious deaths in her wake. Whoa!

7. The Night Stalker – This particular book is probably one of the most creepy and scary true crime books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot. Whenever I talk about this book I tell the story of my mom who couldn’t even finish it, it was so creepy. Richard Ramirez is one freaky dude. I mean, the way he just looked over at the cameras during his trial, his smile, his almost rock star persona. Totally creepy. Also, as a little aside, the dude totally got married in prison. Someone married this guy! There is no question that he committed these crimes people. Nonetheless, its up there as one of my favorite true crime books.

8. Most Evil – So this is a very interesting book because Steve Hodel believes his father to be the perpetrator of many unsolved, or “uncertain” crimes, including the Zodiac murders and the Black Dahlia. It is extremely fascinating and I finished the book definitely seeing how what he was saying could definitely be true. As a side note, the two Zodiac books are really good to read before this one. 
9. Women Who Kill – Women Who Kill is a complication book, incorporating stories of female serial killers, and one-shot killers as well. In college female serial killers, and just female murderers, were very particular fascinating to me. At the time it wasn’t talked about much; and in fact I had a paper that was going to be submitted to a journal but was turned down because talking about women in such a way was deemed too controversial. You will find a ton of good stories like Lizzie Borden, Aileen Wuornos and even Agrippina. 
Are you a true-crime buff, or a just a fan of non-fiction, and have 
a favorite book in this genre? Tell me about it.

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10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To {and I dream of being a guest on}

Podcasts are my new addiction. I’ve always been the kind of person that needed to have ‘noise’ around me, whether that be the tv, music or just sitting out in the middle of the house while the kids are running around. Silence drives me nuts! So really, listening to podcasts are the perfect way to have ‘noise’ going on around me. There’s no reason for me to look up at the tv, and a smaller chance of getting distracted – oh look, something shiny!!! There is also this little part of me that loves the concept of listening to my entertainment. I remember as a kid listening to the radio with my parents. Talk radio, Adventures in Odyssey, and an A.M. station that used to recreate old-time radio shows. Love!! Podcasts to me are as close as we can get to the days of radio entertainment right? So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and listen to some amazing podcasts.

podcasts to listen to

Not only have I fallen in love with so many podcasts, I have secret dreams of being on all of them as a guest star. And if perhaps, some of these amazing podcast would love to a fan-girl segment I’d be okay with that. But no, seriously…..I could figure out something to say, maybe. I have, in fact, been on one podcast and it was such a lovely experience, and really put a bee in my bonnet. All right, so on to the list!!

1. Gilmore Guys

I’m a Gilmore Girls addict, and you might frequently hear me quote lines from it even if I’m talking to people who are not GG fans. You can catch my post about GG, where I talk about how it may or not may not affect how I raise my daughter. This is a longer podcast, one of the longer ones on the list. So just be ready for that. You’ll love it and the time will fly by!{language}

2. The Lively Show

Jess Lively is just so fun to listen to. Her podcast really is a lively, uplifting and positive podcast for women. There is so much fun and good discussion. I just love it and almost don’t want to go into any more detail because you just have to listen to it.

3. Elise Gets Crafty

The woman behind the Get To Work Book (for all you paper planner nerds like me) podcasts here. This is a great podcast because it talks a lot of what real entrepreneurship  and success looks like – which is so subjective. And that’s kind of the point. There are so many different kinds of things that can make you an entrepreneur, and many more things that make someone successful. You can find podcasts about authors, blogging, travel photographers, finding your passions and more.

4. Real Crime Profile

So this is where my true crime nerdiness comes out. Most of the people that are currently in my life {post DC Metro Area move} do not know about my schooling and my life pre-kids. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, focus of Criminal Psychology and dreamed of snagging an internship at the BAU. I had a cat named Luminol. This show is headed by Jim Clemente, who is a retired FBI profiler. Also on the show is the casting director for Criminal Minds (who works with Jim – he’s a writer on the show) and Laura Richards, who worked with Scotland Yard and founded an international stalking advocacy group. So, its some amazing people. {intense topics}

5. Lifegiver: A Military Spouse podcast

This podcast is hosted by Corie Weathers (and a lot of the times her sweet sweet hubby), who was the 2015 Armed Force Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. This has been such a wonderful podcast for me, and if I had to rate the podcasts this might rate pretty close to being the top.  I have been so encouraged and moved to tears during this podcast. It has offered perspectives on marriage, words of advice and validation. It has challenged me in my faith. I’m feeling emotional just writing this description. Even if you aren’t a military spouse I feel like this would be an excellent podcast. Corie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is married to an Army Chaplain.

6. The Way I heard It, with Mike Rowe

This is the shortest podcast on the list. Running on an average of 8 minutes you will hear about stories in politics, pop culture and entertainment from a different perspective with the words of the amazing Mike Rowe. And, its Mike Rowe, so I’m not really sure what else you need to know.

7. Probably Wrong Podcast

Two dudes talking about music, culture, faith and beyond…is the description of this podcast…and its about accurate. Although its way less formal sounding than it is. I’m biased on this one only because I know these guys and they have a special plate in my heart. Its really funny, thought provoking, maybe a little hot topic like. But the best part about it is they’re “Probably wrong!” See what I did there? {language}

8. Pulp: the podcast based on a true story

This is an interesting podcast. It started out talking about The People Vs. OJ Simpson, then they’ve talked about other crime related things like Anita Hill, The Bling Ring…so crime, but through a pop culture lens…by young Millennials? I’m not really sure how else to describe it. They know their stuff, they read, they watch, and somehow it works. There’s been a couple times that I’ve laughed because they don’t remember the OJ Simpson trial like I do. Its a fun listen. {language}{intense topics}

9. A Purpose Driven Wife Podcast

So this is one of the podcasts on my list that I have actually been on! Yay! So make sure you find my episode and listen. But Trista is so lovely. Its uplifting, its real, its funny. She is such an encouragement to women, whether that be by faith, by her drive in entrepreneurship avenues, blogging. She’s even written a book. You can find topics relating to motherhood, military life, business and faith.

10. She Percolates

This is THE first podcast I ever listened to. I am lucky enough to have met one of the lovely ladies on this podcast {plus she’s my go to fashion guru – because of her I now am confident in my pattern mixing ability!} way before podcasting. We worked together in the military non-profit world, her working/me volunteering, for the same organization. So when she announced this whole podcast thing I was fascinated. And its amazing. The description describes it as a podcast, “serving up a fresh perspective on success” and its true. Its empowering and encouraging, uplifting and fun. The hosts personalities really come out through their conversations and its a fun listen.

bonus podcasts!!!!
so i added two bonus podcasts to my list, because, well….I can!!
When I was making my list I just found that I couldn’t narrow things down like I had originally wanted to. So I just thought, well this is how its happening now! So I have two bonus podcast choices for you. 
1.  NextGen Milspouse – This is a military driven podcast that talks about issues in and around the military community. There are tips and advice and so much more. what I really love about this podcast and what I think really makes it unique is that it isn’t just about being a milspouse. And I think that is something that is true for the NextGen brand as a whole. They have a great online magazine/blog format, and that really translates well into podcast form.
2.  We Are the Mighty PodcastThey have had some really good interviews – Noah Galloway and Bryan Anderson, and I just think the guys are funny. The episodes about POWs and the best characters in military movies were pretty good as well.  I’m pretty sure talking to a lame Air Force military spouse would be low on their list…but I think they are hilarious. Their podcast can run a bit long sometimes, but they are just starting out. {language}

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