Rhe’s Bookshelf – Sheer, by Sarah Robinson {Release Day + Giveaway}

I’m so excited to be participating in Sheer’s release day!!! You can check out my review by visiting my Goodreads page. But before you go, read more about the book and check out all the fun below!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Title: Sheer

Author: Sarah Robinson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Sheer:

The long-awaited conclusion to the series that brought you NUDES (“passionate, emotional, and uplifting!” – #1 NY Times Bestseller Lauren Blakely) and BARE (“heartfelt and sexy!” – USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Meader), a young singer with stars in her eyes falls for a composer whose sordid background might strip them bare.

Grant Mercer is on the run from his secrets…

This was supposed to be an easy assignment—travel halfway across the globe and compose the musical score for an upcoming Hollywood movie by one of the biggest production companies in Los Angeles. One and done like dozens of times before. I wasn’t supposed to have my entire life crumble around me the moment my plane took off. I wasn’t supposed to meet her.

Intriguing and covered in ink, Simone enters my life like a storm, leaving only heartbreak in her wake. I should keep my distance. Hell, she should keep hers. Instead, we did the exact opposite.

Simone Reynolds is mending a broken heart…

Just months after finaling in one of television’s most watched singing competitions, I should be riding the high of my life. I should be celebrating starring in a musical film predicted to rock the box office. It’s hard to bask in my success when my family is suffering a loss we never saw coming. And then there’s Grant—brooding and rugged and an absolute pain in my ass as he messes with my movie.

He’s as broken as I am, but the perfect harmony is only a leap of faith away.


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About Sarah Robinson:

Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes & Noble and Amazon Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in forensic and clinical psychology. She is newly married to a wonderful man who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

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Visit the author’s website for more information about Sarah and her books: http://booksbysarahrobinson.net/


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Five Things a New Runner Needs

When I started running, about four years ago, I couldn’t image that I would have several 5ks under my belt and actually miss it when an injury side-lined me. Here I am though, a year after an extremely bad sprain stopped me from regularly running and I miss it terribly. So, since I haven’t started up again I thought I would write about running. That’s close right? To be honest I’m a little scared to start running again. I know that it is going to be feel like I’ve never run.

So what does a new runner need?

Arming yourself with the right tools to start your running journey is important, and whether you are running solo or finding a partner, setting yourself up for success before you even step out the door is a surefire way to keep running!

1. A good app

When I started running I started with ‘Couch to 5K’. I chose an app and started going. But by the third week I was like I’m going to keep on running when it tells me to walk!! Sticking to the app was hard for me becuase I was ready to run for longer distances sooner than the app had me. However, I would still recommend this type of app for anyone that wants to start running who has never really been a runner, is nervous about starting to run, or just wants some guidance.

I quickly found myself using the Nike Run app and here’s why! It encourages you through the run and gets your friend to as well. Nothing is better for one’s self esteem than to have a round of applause break through your music when someone has given you a thumbs up. It gives you badges for achieving a certain number of runs, miles and keeps track of your pacing. It’s also amazing because it can help you figure out when you need to get a new pair of shoes! I know its crazy to think about, but running in worn out shoes is not good guys!

2. Good Running Shoes

This segways nicely into my next item. A good pair of running shoes can make or break your run. When I started running I just grabbed my tennis shoes that I had. I couldn’t even tell you when I bought them, but I used them to run and that was not a good idea. So I marched myself over to the store and snagged a new pair of shoes. I’m a Saucony fan. Its just the brand I like. They are quality shoe with a less than a $100 price tag! I’m sold!! But do your research. If you have a flat food or high arch look for a shoe that works best in research and try them on with your running socks. Don’t be afraid to jump around in the store. Totally did that!!

3. Support!

So maybe this next one isn’t for every runner, but I’m speaking to my well-endowed ladies specifically. This issue is probably the number one reason I wasn’t a runner after my brief foray into middle school track, which I loved by the way. Thankfully the clothing, workout and fashion industries have gotten a million times better and realized that girls with big chests would also like to run without killing themselves. I’ve tried so many bras, but I have two that have become my tried and true standbys.

 Under Armour Compression Bra

This one on Amazon was as close as I could find to my original bra. I purchased it at the Base Exchange and from what I can tell they no longer make the exact one that I had. Mine is the Underarmour Heat Gear Compression sports bra. This one looks close and could be a newer version. Under Armour has really stepped up their game with sports bras and now have a whole line of super supportive ‘high support’ sports bras that I’m going to have to try.

The second is also one that I can’t find anymore at Old Navy, but they too have stepped up their game in the support arena. The bra I have has wicking and a thick band. It doesn’t dig into my shoulders AND I can comfortably wear an xl and run. I’m going to be honest with you guys and tell you that as a DDD that is insanity!!!

4. Muscle Rub

Self- care post run is super important, especially if you want to get back up there again. I was given this muscle rub by my dear friend, who actually owns and makes this product so I am a little partial. However I will say I have continuously gone back to purchase this item on my own, so you know its good. She also added a muscle bath soak recently and its heaven!!! The tin of the rub utilizes natural ingredients, using essential oils, capsacian, st jonn’s wart and arnica! Love it!! It also lasts for forever, which is a huge selling point. So while you might initially freak out at a $17 price point…just forego  2 1/2 Starbucks and do yourself a favor. Trust me. Sugar + Spruce knows what they are doing.

5. A good play list

Do not underestimate the power of a good play list. I have very rarely altered mine, and it includes songs that I don’t usually listen to outside of the running. You need a certain song to make up that playlist, that keeps you moving and energized. If you have songs that you love on your playlist I’m always looking for more so make sure to leave them in the comments or tweet at me!!!

Best songs for your running playlist!! #runnergirl #whorunstheworld #momsrunthisworld #curvygirlontherun Click To Tweet
other must-haves given to me by recommendation (but I haven’t tried yet!)

Megababe products are one of the most recommended products to me. Its on my list, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! But so many of my blogger babe friends have recommended it so I know its good!!! I can’t wait to add it to my life!!!

so, find a good 5k and reach your goals guys!! I love the glow run and color run 5ks!!
if you have favorite products or songs for your playlist share them in the comments below.
Products for new runners


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Visiting Seattle – Day 1 – Pikes Place and Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to take a little trip with my mom to Seattle, Washington. Its kind of always been a bucket list item of mine and so for my thirty-fifth birthday I went. It was such a crazy time in my schedule that I barely had any time to really prepare or pack so we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants. But we were ready for the adventure. In my next couple of posts I’ll be sharing all about my trip, sharing with you the places we went and what YOU shouldn’t miss if you make a trip there. An important thing that I noticed, for all my military readers, was how many places offered a military discount! It was pretty cool! All the attractions we visited offered it. Public parking was also a dream there. I used my parking panda app and was good to go. UBer and Lyft are popular and easily accessible, and drivers are some of the nicest I have ever seen! I don’t think I heard a horn once, even while driving in the city.

First stop was Pike’s Place and to eat at the Althenian Seafood Bar and Grill (of Sleepless in the Seattle fame). This is the restaurant that Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner eat at when he asks him how his butt is. LOL! The Pike’s Place Market itself is a really cool place to go. Flower vendors as far as the eye can see. The flower were absolutely gorgeous and I was so sad that we were not staying in town long enough to have them.




The view was amazing and the food was stellar! Best clam chowder I’ve had outside of Monterey. Plus being here with my mommy, who I used to watch Sleepless with over and over with, was icing on the cake.

We of course visited the first Starbucks! While not in its original location (only a few doors down), its a tiny little shop that runs like a well oiled machine. The line moved really quickly and they have it well organized. All the cups and items to purchase are behind the counter. You point to the cup you want on a laminated sheet and they give it to you all boxed up. The greeter was so sweet and adorable..plus he had a British accent, so that’s fun. If you are able to go during the week, I would suggest it, weekend lines can be crazy. But for coffee cup collectors like myself its a must see site! This location is also the only one with the naked sea witch/mermaid!





We hit up several Starbucks locations in Seattle. In the city there is a crazy amount of them, like over 200 just in the city part of Seattle. I had a whole list of Starbucks I wanted to try to see, and while we only made it to two of the ones on my list I was going to make sure we checked out the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. This place is crazy!



This is just a portion of the 15,000 sq feet of coffee heaven. Its incredible and takes up a whole city block. But don’t think you’re going there to order your non-fat, vanilla latte with extra foam. You can sample specialty brewed coffee that you can only purchase at that location. They have a special dark hot chocolate too, and i’m kicking myself from getting so full I couldn’t taste it. The food here is amazing, cooked in these really neat little ovens. You can also get alcohol here. It was a really neat experience you can only have in Seattle.


If you want to see the list of must-see Starbucks locations (including all the ones I couldn’t get to) visit the Starbucks Melody blog.

My favorite Starbucks, and the best we had on our trip, was at the Seattle Armory which is located in the Seattle Center near the MoPOP museum. It is on the grounds of this amazing collection of art sculptures, playgrounds, and art exhibits. Its a really incredible venue and we wish that we had had more time to experience.

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How to Survive a Real Life Bad Moms Club

When I sat in the theater and watched Bad Moms I laughed right along with everyone else at the crazy things Christina Applegate’s character did. We said things, “oh my gosh, we totally know what that’s like!” Which mom am I? Am I the cookie baking mom, the mom that runs around and feels like she’s hanging by the thread, or am I the mom that everyone thinks is perfect. We all laughed because while we all thought the joke was funny there was a little part of me that was thinking “now this hits to close to home”. I could cry thinking about it, and have spent many nights looking at the places on my head where my hair has fallen out. The stress is nothing like the movie. You can’t just simply do what Mila Kunis did in the movie and everything is magically better. Looking back over the almost two years I’m not sure how I survived everything. But I’ve come out on the other side with amazing friends, an amazing job and maybe something I’ll think I’m better for it. But as I was talking to another friend of mine we shared how scared we both were to actually say anything. We were perfectly fine to get tormented and watch others, but the thought of sticking up for ourselves and others actually scared us. Seriously?! What is wrong with us?! Truth is, seeing as how I totally get it, I’m not sure. So how do you survive?

  1. Prayer – I don’t know if you’re the kind who prays. But I am. So I pray. For the right words, the calmness and strength. I don’t want to be a martyr, to stand there and take it and come off like some holier than though pious freak. But I still want to do the right thing. The only way I know how to do all that is to pray.
  2. Talk About It – whether that is to my husband, my mom or my friends, talking about it helps. I get to work out all the things that I wished I said, I should never say but need to get out of my system, or get feedback. I want nothing more than to make things right so talking about things with save people usually helps me reach that.
  3. Surround Yourself with People – You hope and pray that you’ve chosen well and surrounded yourself with the right people. Mistakes are made and no one is perfect but having the right people around you is crucial. I really don’t know how I could have made it. The worst is when you think you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people and you realize you haven’t. Hold the people that are there for you even closer.
  4. Forgive – No matter how much you want to not forgive, you have to for you. I’m not a pro at doing this. Its really hard for me. I don’t do it well. File this under things I’m still working on.
  5. Move On – For me that came from unfriending and deactivating my Facebook page. For me that drastic of a step had to be taken. I didn’t know how to do it otherwise. Unfortunately you can’t always wish that these people disappear, and you are sometimes in situations where you have to be around these people and you can’t escape. So do what you can to remove them from your life. In our crazy social media led world we’ve developed this inability to hit the “unfriend” button. So we just let the list keep on growing no matter what the status is of these people in your life. Chances are that if you are feeling like you want to unfriend them they aren’t worth having around in your life to begin with. Why is this such a hard concept for us? Also a question I don’t know the answer to.

I don’t have all the answers, and writing this was really about getting it….or number two on my list. Even if no one ever reads this it helps to see what I need to do right in front of me. To be honest with myself, learn from things and finally get to number five. Its hard when you can’t completely shut that world out of your life. You have to find a way to deal with ugly people and ugly things in your life. We have to encourage each other, life each other up but also know when to bow out. One of the most amazing things that my beloved pastor said to me was that God doesn’t call us to be “friends” with everyone. We are called to love our brothers and sisters in Christ, follow the ten commandments, do unto others. But the Devil has a funny way of working himself him to situations that appear one way but are really the other. We get caught up in the fact that we must be good people, do the right thing…..but before we know it we are a shadow of our former selves, broken and sad. All for what we think is friendship and the right thing to do!


I know I’m not alone and I’m here if anyone wants to share their story. Life isn’t like a movie, but man it feels good to laugh at one.

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Inclusive Sizing in Every Day Brands: Time and Tru from WalMart

Well, if you are following me on my Instagram yesterday you might have seen me trying on a few pieces from Walmart’s new Time and Tru line of clothing. I saw the commercials and read about the brand and was excited to give it a try. Time and Tru does have a plus size (or woman’s) section, but their standard sizing claims to go up to size 20. As the mother of three kids as well as a stay at home mom, having a budget is really important. I can’t always shell out $30+ for a shirt and 50+ for pants or a dress. Its just simply not in the budget. Buying classic pieces that will survive the times and also wear is important, but sometimes you need some clothes and can’t afford the really nice stuff. For curvy girls this can be an even bigger issue. Sometimes our clothes cost more in general. We have to hunt for clothes more and even worse, our sections of stores are teeny tiny. Why we can’t just all be in one section with the same clothes that just go up to a bigger size is still the greatest mystery. As if I didn’t feel bad enough you stick me in a postage stamp sized section next to maternity with NO clothing that looks like the huge womens or juniors section. That rant is for another time.

I picked up five items to try on – a grey, spaghetti strap ruffle jumpsuit, flower wrap dress, cold shoulder top, white jeggings and a pink top with side ruching. First, I’m not even going to post a picture of the jumpsuit. Its super cute but just not flattering on me at all. The waist sits high and the length of the pants wasn’t right for me. I was also annoyed that I would have had to go up a full size. Not happy. Same with the jeggings….they fit but that’s about it. There wasn’t a whole lot flattering about it and it made me wonder what curvy woman would wear these.


I’m really in love with both of the tops – the cold shoulder will definitely work in my standard size, but the other shirt no way. That is simply because of the design of the cold shoulder is more boho and flowy. I’m still not convinced that I like the fit of the other one in that size up either.


The wrap dress is the whole reason I went to try these on. I love this dress so much. The feel of the fabric, the design of the dress should, in theory, be super flattering. The pattern would be perfect for Easter. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit at all like its supposed to. If you want to see the ad for it click here.


In short I was disappointed. The price point is great and the overall quality of the clothing is much nicer than what we have come to expect from WalMart. But the sizing leaves something to be desired. You would have to be curvy but super fit if that makes any sense at all because some of the items will show everything (the dress and the pants). Also, curvy but no boobs.

**the items shown here are a size 20+ which is two sizes larger than I would normally purchase just about anywhere else. The items in my “Fashion’ Stories are a size 16/18**


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