The Perfect Valetines Gift – All year long *review and giveaway*

As Valentines Day approaches you can usually find me scouring the whole of the earth for the next greatest gift.  I’m always trying to be creative and out-do myself.  Mr. Air Force is ridiculously hard to shop for.  I usually find a cool book (which he never has time to read) or a funny shirt (which he says that he has too many of), he doesn’t wear any jewelry or have a favorite anything really.  We have all the movies he loves, and he’s just so darn hard to shop for!!!  I still have no idea what to get him.  None!  Most of the time he tells me to not get him anything, that way I feel absolutely stupid when he surprises me with some awesome gift and I sit there and say thanks with nothing to give back.  This year I already know what I’m getting.  Of course, it is amazing.  He is fulfilling one of my Concert Bucket List items and is taking me to see Bon Jovi. 

I am sure there are lots of my fellow ladies, with husbands and boyfriend equally as hard to shop for, and also equally amazing and say “don’t get me anything,” yadda yadda yadda.  So when I got the chance to review the SHMILY coin I wanted to make sure we got this info to you so you can maybe purchase it as a cute and simply Valentine’s Day gift.

Make sure to read about the SHMILY coin and the story behind it on their website.  It is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever read.   The basic gist of it is a cute little wooden coin that you hide to unexpectedly let the person you love know it!  Mr. Air Force and I have been using it for a couple weeks and we’ve traded it a couple times already.  I recently hid his pretty well and he hasn’t found it yet.  Waiting is killing me, but its so fun!  So far I have hidden it on his pillow (in plain sight the first time), inside his glove, and now in his lunch box (which he hasn’t taken it to work in a couple days!).  I found it in one of my coffee cups.  It always brings a smile to face and I think about it all day until I see him!  Its such a simple concept but it can truly mean so much.
What’s so great about these coins is that they aren’t just for your significant other.  These are a great thing to start with any member of your family, even friends.  SHMILY coins are made in the USA and are very affordable.  You can purchase a SHMILY coin for .99, $1.29 if you want one in a little black velvet bag.  There are discounts the more you order.
I was given a couple to hand out and I thought I would share the love with one of my amazing readers!
I want to hopefully get it to you in time for Valentine’s Day.
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