Five Ways to Thank a Veteran this Veterans Day

Veterans Day is coming up in a few short weeks. Days like this are so special to me for obvious, and not so obvious reasons. As a military family any day that I can especially honor those that serve is important. Most of the time its emotional for me, thinking about my husband and what he sacrifices, my friends and their families, and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. And despite the continuing argument of Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day, any day that people can stop and be reminded is a good thing in my book. That’s why I am so excited to be a part of the Great Clips
Veterans Day program. With Veterans Day quickly approaching I wanted to touch on some of the ways you can say “Thank You!”

1. Volunteer – This is perhaps my favorite way to thank a Veteran any day of the week. Finding a group that helps military families, whether you are one or not, is one of the most amazing ways to thank a Veteran any time of the year. Have you ever heard of Honor Flight? It’s an amazing program that takes WWII and Korean War Veterans to see their memorial in the DC area. If you live in DC you can come and be a greater at the memorials, clap, wave flags and have your kids (if you have them) pass out thank you cards. If you don’t live near DC you can become a Guardian, that travels with the veteran from their hometown to the memorial as a chaperon of sorts. Look for an organization in your area. See my tabs up top for a huge listing of non-profits that are always looking for support and volunteers.

2. Reach out to families around you – There are very few of us that go through life without having some connection to the military or a military family. Look for those people around you and reach out to them. I have never been so blessed in my life then when people have reached out to our family to offer support and love. Whether that be sending my husband and his roommates care packages or offering to help me here at home.

3. Write a letter with Soldier’s Angels – This is an organization that both my mom and I have participated with. Solider’s Angels have grown and has extensive programs for support deployed service members, retired Veterans, female service members and families.

4. Educate Yourself and Those Around You – Something frequently cited by military families at conferences and in surveys is the feeling of a military/civilian divide. The percentage of those serving gets smaller and smaller, which only accentuates that feeling. Service members are coming home having experienced unspeakable things, and growing more and more weary as time goes on. Take the time to understand PTS  (Post Traumatic Stress), anxiety and depression that comes from returning home and feeling alone, survivors guilt and the struggles of our wounded warriors and their caregivers. Speak openly and honestly about it with your children and family members. The assumption that one person CAN’T make a difference is anything but true.

5. Visit a Great Clips on November 11th! – Stop by and visit your local Great Clips {click for more info}. You’ll get a free hair cut card to pass on to a Veteran. It’s a really amazing way to give back and bless a veteran, even if it is something as small a haircut. If you don’t need a haircut tell a Veteran in your life so that they can visit themselves and get their free haircut! With more than 3,800 salons throughout the United States and Canada, Great Clips is the world’s largest salon brand. So odds are, there’s one close to you {check here!}. What I love about having a blog is that I get to highlight organizations, like Great Clips, that have shown dedication to their communities with a focus on philanthropic and volunteer activities. So make sure to join Great Clips on Veteran’s Day to get and give a haircut!

how do you and your family care for and thank the Veteran’s in your life and community?

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Have you heard about eMentor? #MilitaryMonday #MilitarySupportSeries

Welcome to another Support Series posting.  I haven’t made one of these posts in bit here, but last week I had the pleasure of seeing my friend over at eMentors at one of the recent Hiring Our Heroes, hiring fairs.  People need to know about eMentors, so they got bumped to the top of my list of support services to highlight.  eMentor provides both a military spouse and veteran program, which I truly believe is so vital.  With the growing number of military spouses powering forward in their careers with great determination, the eMentor program is one of the keys to thriving.

The Military Spouse eMentor Leadership Program welcomes mentors and protégés who are spouses or widow/ers of military members and veterans. We also invite representatives of military spouse-friendly firms to serve as corporate mentors to assist protégés seeking employment or with other career issues. The program puts military spouses in virtual touch with more experienced spouses and corporate and career mentors for guidance and support with challenges of all kinds and for assistance with finding meaningful employment with longevity and upward mobility. 
Their program knows no bounds.  If you’re in a field, they probably have a mentor for you.  In my last conversation with them they had found a Micro-biologist with some crazy specialty that I had never heard of.   A mentor is a valuable resource that I don’t think many think of.   They have walked in your shoes, they’ve been there.  If you factor in the added value of a fellow military spouse, who has faced the unique challenges that we have in our lives….well, then you’ve struck gold my friends.
Aside from the MilSpouse program, eMentor also has several other unique programs: Officer Women (Male officers can participate as mentors only), CadetMidnWomen (women officers, officer veterans and officers-in-training in all the services: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines) and a Veterans program (a valuable resources for those seeking to transition from the military to civilian world).
The program is easy to particpate in, simply chose the program you’d like and click “join”.  There you will complete an online profile so that you can be matched correctly.  The relationships take place online mostly, but phone conversations and in-person meetings offer further support.  Mentors and protegees will receive online newsletters, emails and periodic trainings to further support the relationship.  There are also discussion forums available for further conversations with others enrolled in the program.
I really encourage anyone looking to further their careers, or begin anew to check out the eMentor program.  Whether you are a teacher, a nurse, a micro-biologist or an entrepreneur; if you a Veteran looking to move forward in the civilian world, check out the eMentor program.

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Military Monday – Military Support Series *Guest Post* MilSpouse Minute

Happy Military Monday!  Today I have a guest post, so it is kind of a three-for deal here.  Military Monday+Military Support Series+Guest Post= Amber Turner and MilSpouse Minute.  I first discovered MilSpouse Minute only a couple weeks ago; so when Amber asked if she could snag a few moments to share her cool new site with my readers, I said “of course!”  Here’s a little bit about Amber ~

Amber Turner is an Air Force wife and mother of 2. She started blogging with to share her passion of motherhood, fitness, health and wellness.  She created for other military spouse entrepreneurs to help spread the word about their ventures.  She has B.S. in Business and Information Technology and is pursuing her Master’s in Human Services.
Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope your week is a great one.

As military spouses, many of us are faced with several challenges when it comes to our careers.  This is why I created MilSpouse Minute.  MilSpouse Minute is our moment or “15 minutes” so to speak. Our mission is to create a platform for military spouses to share and promote who they are and their ventures with others using video. Video has a huge impact on consumers and customers. 

I know that military spouses are talented individuals and it is my goal to bring them to the forefront and have them share it with the world.  The forum will give military spouses that voice that they desperately need. My goal is to be a blog platform for military spouses that will lead to business growth and success. I solicit business owners, Etsy shop owners, crafters and everything in-between to create a MilSpouse Minute. 

Why do I use Youtube and social media?  Because these are key ways to get immediate feedback, cut down time, waste and increase virality.  What is virality you say?  Virality is the degree in which internet content is shared via the internet therefore increasing the reach of the content.  In my struggles, I realized as military spouse entrepreneurs and business owners we have to rely on our best resource and that is ourselves.  Relying on our fellow military spouses to promote our ventures other via social media can help us to succeed.

Where it all started (dream sequence/blurry dreams lines)….

“Honey, I got an assignment to New York…” These were the words that I echoed in my head when I found out my family and I would be leaving the longest place I ever lived, Georgia. Needless to say Georgia is not New York, so the drastic change had me a little nervous. Besides the culture shock I knew I was going to experience, the second thought I had was “I gotta find myself another job!”.  The frustration and pressure from not finding employment proved to have affected me mentally as well. I didn’t have an outlet. So I created one for myself. One that gave me my voice and visibility in a world where I felt I didn’t have one.  The struggles I faced led me to Milspouse Minute.

So come join me and let us be each other’s support for success!

visit MilSpouse Minute and their Brother site

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