MilSpouse Spotlight: Author Anna Scott Uses WattPad to Write

This is a sponsored post, however I chose to participate in this program to highlight the accomplishments of a fellow milspouse, which I believe is so important! I participated in the After by Anna Todd blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own.
As a blogger, I often come across lots of cool stuff. Of course I want to write about it all, but sometimes something comes across your screen that you jumps out at you. It is the marrying to two things you love, plus more. So here I am, getting to read an awesome book, blog about it, and there is a MilSpouse involved. What?!  I know right? It’s an inspiration for several reasons. First, she’s a milspouse with all the things that can and do go along with that. Things that other milspouses truly appreciate and admire when one accomplishes pretty awesome things while being that. She’s a first time writer, who simply started writing a story on her phone and its absolutely taken off.
Todd first wrote After entirely on her phone, simply as a hobby, using a program called WattPad. After is not being turned into a four-part series, and the film rights have been acquired by Paramount Pictures. It began in what might seem the silliest of ways. Todd an Uberfan of One Direction, used her love of the band to drive her book, including building a character based on Harry Styles. Her simple fanfic story grew to 25,000 pages and has been viewed over a billion times….whoa! People definitely responded so Todd took to instagram sharing pictures and artwork created by fans. It really is a fairy tale kind of story. It might inspire one *cough cough* me to actually write that book they’ve been talking about writing. I mean, I realize the odds of it rising into a huge success with rights being sold and billions of fans adoring me isn’t extremely likely, its still really fun.

Now, what is WattPad. This is actually the first that I’d heard of it. Its an incredibly awesome and unique online format, mixing story-telling and social media. All WattPad stories are free. Anyone can be a part of the WattPad experience and people share in the storytelling all together. Users of the platform contribute to the stories, leave comments suggesting plot line and character development, as well as creating original art and music to go along with the stories they are reading.

Stay tuned for an official review here in about a week! I’m neck deep in the book and I’m loving it! In the meantime, you can purchase it in paperback or e-reader format.

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