The Wedding Posts….the reception

Time for post number three for this week of wedding posts.  The wedding was so pretty, wasn’t it.  I’m a little bias, but what can I say.  Now it’s time for the party.  We had our reception at our home church.  It was such a pretty room, with lots of space.  Since our wedding topped out at over 400 people (I know I know crazy right?) we needed the room while making it cute still.  We did minimal decorations, because frankly who needs them?  And who really thinks about them, or cares?  People are more apt to remember sentimental and special things then the $100 flower arrangement in the giant clear vase in the middle of your table.  When people walked in they could view the wedding pictures of the two people who had previously shared this wedding date.  Our center pieces were a simple white rose, a picture of Christopher and I throughout our dating history, which by that time had already been like five years if you can believe that.  There was also a wedding picture of one of our family members on the tables.  It was so cool and I got so many comments, even years after the wedding was over, including many friends who followed suit..which is the biggest compliment as far as I”m concerned.  We did a lot of special things that day.  Our music was carefully picked to reflect our personalities and stuff.  We had a special dance to honor those in the service – military, fire, police…which was really meant to honor my husband’s best childhood friend who couldn’t be a part of special day because he was deployed with the Marine Corp.  We had a dance to figure out who the couple was that had been married the longest and presented the woman with a bridal bouquet of her own.  We had two who had been married for 46 years!  Such a testament to beauty of marriage.  Still makes me swoon with romantic thoughts.

One very cool and sentimental part of our wedding was the food, if you can believe that.  I had known the caterer since I was twelve.  I became very close with the family and ever since I was twelve he’d been saying I’m doing the food at your wedding.  So nine years later, after having passed the business on, we hired the company for our special day.  I walk into the church and who do I see….he had come back to run the catering that day.  I totally bawled my head off.   Every person we had at our wedding meant something to us.  None of those attendance were people that were random friends of our parents, which is crazy to think about it because it was so many people.  But Christopher and I had been involved with so much – volunteer work, boyscouts, dance, two churches over the years, different jobs, family friends that remained close to us over the years.  I even had a kindergarten teacher who my family went to church with as well.  We played a slideshow during our first dance, which happened to be the first slow dance we ever danced to on that very first date to junior prom – Angel of Mine by Monica…which incidentally I had engraved on his wedding band.  Mine says, “My Princess” and then the date in military form of course, LOL – 14AUG2004.  Such a nerd.  Our cake topper was my parent’s cake topper, with a couple things added to it like purple roses and some green ribbon.

Now onto some pictures……

hubby’s best friend 
 my sister telling the hubbs to watch out, and me pointing to my guy friends that will beat him up, LOL!
you can see a picture of my parents cutting their cake over there 

my husband’s second parents, the parents of his friend who was deployed 
 getting down
 can you tell it was a good time?

pictures of my aunt and uncle and grandparents on their wedding years (August 14) 
sparklers,another friends friends have used since then! 
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The Wedding Posts….The Wedding

Today is the big day.  I can’t believe that I have been married to my husband for eight years, well at like 3pm I will have been.  It really does seem like yesterday, even if that does sound absolutely ridiculously sappy sweet cutie tootie.  It’s true though.  My wedding was just about everything that I could have hoped for.  My parents and I worked hard for almost two years scrimping and saving.  The military made sure that engagment was a bit longer than we had originally planned; but waiting for that white wedding was everything that I could have hoped for.  I know there are plenty of military peeps that go do a courthouse and all that, and then have that white wedding later.  That’s fine, but let me just say that I was so glad that we waited and did things this way.

We got married in a darling church, that looked like a church – with pews and stained glass.  Our pastor and my basically, almost, not biological grandfather assisted.  My dad grew up with his kids.  It was pretty amazing and sentimental to have him be a part of it.  We had a very formal ceremony.  Our pastor wore robes, we lit unity candles and shared our first communion together.  We had a kneeling bench to receive a blessing.  Two very important people were missing from that day, my grandmother and my aunt (my mom’s best friend).  Our junior bridesmaids carried roses in memory of them, and my friend sang a song that was one of my aunt’s very favorite songs.  We said an older version of the traditional vows, saying “until only by death are we parted.”  Doesn’t seem different but its just a more formal way of saying, “until death do we part.”    I walked down the aisle to the wedding march from The Sleeping Beauty Ballet, since I was a dancer for many years.  As people were being seated we played nothing but love songs, from across the decades.  Our friend also sang a beautiful song by Edwin McCain before we were came in.  There were so many wonderful, small, special things that made it truly our day, unique and lovely in its own right.  The most special was probably that we were the third generation on my side of the family to get married that day.  My mom’s parents (whom I was very close to) and my aunt and uncle.  It was very cool and we incorporated that into the wedding in little ways.  And we came back up the aisle to The Rocky Theme, the hubby’s favorite movie.  That was a huge hit and my best friend’s dad, who was a radio host, even talked about it that following monday!  Oh man, the memories, and so much fun.  But nothing better than pictures could really say more……..

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The Wedding Posts…..

         This week will mark eight years of marriage for me and the hubbs.  Whoa!  I really can’t believe that it has been that long since we got married.  Its been fourteen years since our first date, that’s even stranger.  So to commemorate the event I’ll be sharing some bits about that amazing time.  I wasn’t blogging that long ago, I’m not sure how big blogging was in 2004.  I know it was out there, I just wasn’t doing it.  A lot has changed since 2004.  This idea came from a wonderful bloggy friend, and fellow MilSpouse, Madeline over at Food, Fitness and Family.  When you get a chance you should check out her blog.  She has some amazing fitness and healthy eating tips.

For this post I want to start with the engagement……

        I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty amazing.  My husband is pretty rockin’.  We met in 1998.  He was a boy scout and I was a girl that volunteered for a local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  His troop was associated with the church I went to, although he didn’t attend that church.  We had lots of mutual friends but hadn’t met really before.  We really got to know each other volunteering for an annual fundraising tea and auction.  After that I became the President of a local Teen group that did a lot of service projects.  He started attending meetings and group functions, we volunteered together more.  Then he asked my dad if I could go with him to his Junior Prom (although I know my mom was really the driving force behind letting me go – thanks mom).  He had been homeschooled until high school, I started homeschooling in high school.  He was pretty reserved and shy, and going with me was a fun, easy thing to do…as friends.  We started hanging out more and were just getting closer.  He says he knew almost right away that he wanted to be with me forever.  Pretty surprising at the ripe old age of 16 and 17, but every once in awhile it happens.  He said he loved me first, he’s fought for me, protected me, and saved me from a lot of things.  He made choices that lost him things in order to keep me.  It’s still emotional for me to think about an 18 year old kid making the decisions and choices he did.  He joined the military two years before we got married, not long after we got engaged.  He bought the ring and had it paid for a year before he asked (so responsible and so like him still).  He picked it out by himself (and my wedding ring).

Matching Law school sweatshirts – when I had aspirations of becoming one

 Gilligan and Mary Ann for the Sadie Hawkins Dance
 There’s that first date in April 1999
Eagle Scout Ceremony 2000
 The night we got engaged! Christmas 2002
His bootcamp picture

         Our first date was really Junior Prom…that’s sort of what we count it as anyway.  He took me to what was my favorite restaurant at the time.  It was called Sheepherders Inn. It was this amazing, rustic location, with a big fireplace and a restaurant I frequented with my mom and her best friend (who I called ‘Aunt’).  Christmas Eve 2002, we went to that same restaurant, to the same table (yup, the same table right by the fireplace), where there were a dozen roses on the table.  It was a surprisingly busy evening, which he hadn’t been expecting.  There were easily 50+ people in that room.  Despite all that he got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me, and how he couldn’t imagine spending a moment more without me, and would I please be his wife.  Well, duh!  LOL!  It was wonderful, and people were so respectful and didn’t cause a scene (which I think he was secretly praying the whole time he was down on his knee and shaking out of his mind!).  After dinner we went to Christmas Eve surface at church.  My family was there and my mom knew we had arrived my shrieks of my girlfriends in the lobby when we arrived.

         It was such a crazy time in my life, emotional and wonderful.  I wish I could go back and watch it happening, savoring that sweet moment, when we were young and sweet.  I wish I had more pictures to share, but seriously it was 2002 and we so did not have a digital camera back then.  Those were really expensive things that only some of our parents had or really rich people.  If you had one in 2002 and you’re neither one of those things I’m sorry….but also a little bit jealous, LOL!  But here’s some stuff I do have and can share.

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A Wedding Picture…Canvas love

It’s hard to believe that in August it will be eight years since I said I do to my man.  It’s incredible how time flies when you’re having fun, when you’re having kids, and when life is busy.  Remembering days like that gets harder and harder as time goes on.  Thankfully I’m still holding strong to those memories.  There was awhile though, where looking at those pictures were difficult.  I suppose that is probably one of the reasons why i never got any to hang in the house, or put in a frame on the mantel. It’s a ridiculously long story and one that I probably won’t talk about; but the point is I don’t have anything hanging around my house.  Canvas has always been something I’d admired, but it was always so expensive.  Pinterest has some pretty cool ways to create canvas prints, but I have a feeling that would stay on the boards for quite awhile and would never get done.  When the chance to check out Easy Canvas fell into my lap I jumped at it.  And where else could I start but the wedding.

Not only was this option easier than doing it myself, it was affordable and I could be sure that I would have a professional looking product that reflected that amazing pictures of that day.  It turned out to be a rather easy venture with a self-explanatory process and quite affordable.  The first picture/pose I tried to upload didn’t work for the Canvas.  It couldn’t really be edited properly to get the look that I wanted for the size that I wanted.  But once I chose an image that fit well within the size of canvas that I wanted we were good to go.  The customer service with Easy Canvas was wonderful.  I say they are the place to go  for Custom Photos on Canvas.  I was so pleased with how it turned out.  The colors were gorgeous.  And everything I loved about this picture in digital form shone through in the canvas version.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there.  For all my mailitary peeps out there is also BuildASign!  They have an absolutely wonderful program where they provide free Welcome Home banners for our returning troops.  What a blessing for our military families.  I know that if I was in need of this it would be a wonderful blessing.  One less thing that I would have to worry about, think about, and try to find the time to do with three little ones running around and all the other things that a spouse is doing to prepare for the return of their soldier.

Make sure to visit and to get more information about either program.

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