Meet Rheanna

Hi, I’m Rheanna, the voice behind this blog. I am a mom, military spouse, and lifestyle blogger. I’m a California girl living outside of Washington, DC and loving it. Mr. Air Force, how I usually refer to the hubby, have been together since high school, and were married in August of 2004. It was then I became an official military spouse.

On this blog you will find kid antics, military life posts, resources for military families, book reviews, beauty, clothing, food, fitness, my home and just about anything else in my life. I love the DC area so you will often find me blogging about life here, out and about with my fellow Virginia and DC bloggers, hosting blogging parties, supporting local businesses and exploring this amazing area we live in. If you’re a company that wishes to work with me, local or otherwise, to promote your product or business, or even get a bunch of local bloggers together to promote you, please visit my PR page. If you’re a blogger, I’d love to help you too! I have greatly enjoyed mentoring other bloggers and talking through what its like to do this amazing job that I love so much. Please feel free to contact me anytime for more info on blogging mentorships.

When I’m not talking about life here on CSL, you can find me over on Homefront United Network, where I talk more about the military and assist other writers, in my role as Managing Partner.

In my spare time you can find me with my nose in a book, binge-watching something on Netflix or Hulu. I’m addicted to all things vintage, black and white movies, coffee and Dr. Pepper. I’m just a right-brained girl who loves purses and shoes just a little too much, and am grateful to get to be raising my babies and write whenever I want to.

Thanks for stopping by!