Feature Friday #2

Hello all! It’s time for my second Feature Friday! I’m excited!!! I’m particularly excited about this feature because it concerns one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have know Sarah for 22 years! I dunno it was like highschool or something when she first started getting crafty and sold stuff, the most adorable dresses, which I wish she’d do now (hint hint) and now she makes the cutest and most amazing purses and accessories that would make any girls mouth water! One of my favorite things about her is that every once in awhile you’ll get something made with vintage fabric! Now, on to the good stuff. Here’s a little bio about her and her stuff

About Me I love: color, bolts of new fabric, my red iPod, iced coffee,boxes of vintage buttons, my 3 boys, and green tea. I adore: all things vintage, Jane Austen movies, racks of colorful threads, online shopping, my husband/best friend, and fancy ice cream. About Hands Full Creations My credentials are: a love for design, a passion for fabric, the school of hard knocks, 15 years of sewing experience and blood,sweat and tears. (But none on the purses.) My designs are: washable, practical, functional, adorable and unique. They are also: handmade, not perfect, but as close to perfect as they can humanly get. All of this makes: Hands Full Creations

So head on over to her Etsy Shop!


And her facebook!

and show her some love and scoop up one of these wonderful hand-made items that will surely be a conversation piece for any wardrobe!

Also make sure to check out my first giveaway and review, my facebook for free shipping, and my etsy! Thank you

Who I’m blog hopping with today!

Smart and Trendy Moms

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Wandering Wednesday…

So a couple days ago I found me a pork sirloin for an amazing price and the weather is cold so I decided to break out my crockpot (for the first time in a really really long time) and whip up something yummy. So of course I decided to google some recipes, see if anything came up. Nothing much came up that tickled my fancy so I sort of made it up as I went a long. Now mind you I don’t really measure so ummmm, yeah, have fun with that!! It was a big hit!

Here’s what I did. I put 1 Cup of Brown Sugar in a bowl, added 1 tbl cinnamon, 1 tbl mustard and then a couple table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed it up until it became a good paste. Then I cut up some garlic cloves and rubbed the raw garlic on the pork. Then i covered up the pork with the paste and tossed it in the crockpot with the pieces of garlic (i put in like 5) and what was left of paste. The I let it cook on low for like six hours. I used my thermometer to check it. Anyway, we made some plain rice and just served the port on it and drizzled the sauce that was created on it and yummy!!! Try it!!!

Now for some housekeeping

I’ve got one giveaway posted (as a page up top) and I’ve also got a deal going on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhe-Christine-Designs/110178342377516 with a couple new items posted. Free shipping! So please check that out as well as my etsy. If there is something on my etsy that you are interested in please let me know on my facebook so we can do free shipping! Thanks everyone and have a wonderful wandering wednesday!!

Hello all my blog followers! Today I am participating in the Wandering Wednesday Blog Hop. This week I thought I would do a little something more than my “Wordless Wednesday” Post.

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Mingle Monday Feature

Well I’m excited because today I am being featured on the Monday Mingle of the fabulous Katy at KdBuggie Boutique! Yay!! Super excited because it goes right along with my shameless plug Sunday post (please check it out – http://cammostylelove.blogspot.com/2010/10/shamless-plug-sunday.html). Anyway, thank for stopping by and please participate in her blog hop “mingle monday”!

mingle mondays button

To celebrate I’m offering free shipping on all my items! Please visit my facebook design page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rhe-Christine-Designs/110178342377516. My hair bows are only listed on my etsy so if you are interested in one of those please leave me a comment on my facebook page so I can give you free shipping!

Visit my other sites listed her on my blog and please check out KdBuggie’s etsy shop as well

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Shamless Plug Sunday

I’m still laughing at myself for my silly post title, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Right now I’m shamelessly plugging myself because I’m hoping to take my son to Nick Jr. Live! I’ve been working my little patootie off to bring you some more items from Rhe Christine Designs! So please check out the Etsy Shop or the facebook page for more information. But here’s a little preview!

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My First Feature….

When I started blogging not that long ago I decided that I wanted to support all the mommies out there that are crafty, WAHM, SAHM, all kinds of mommies! As I started blogging I realized how many of us there are out there and how many things I totally loved! Even though this is a Thursday I was too excited to wait one more day (in what will become FEATURE FRIDAY) to show you my very first feature! LaDy LaDuke. I just came across them by accident on a blog hop and fell absolutely in loooooooove with them!!!! Go visit their sites (tell ’em you found out from me please) and support all the crafty mama’s out there! I asked for a picture and they happened to send me a picture of my absolute favorite one!! And even better, they offer free shipping to military mommies!!! Does it get any better than that?

Courtney & Betina~LaDy LaDuke…Unique Items For Mothers & Women…

We are two sisters, who always loved fashion and design, sharing a room, and playing dress up. Our Mom used to sew many of our clothes, as well as her own, and we would have a ball looking through her Vogue patterns. So, the design seed was always there. Then we were out with our sister-in-law, who was trying to nurse in public, while walking, chasing her toddler, and tugging at the back of her shirt to keep covered, and thought, why don’t we make something that really works for Moms! After research and prototypes, we came up with our full coverage, mobile nursing cover invention…”The Feeder Frock“.

The first Feeder Frock started as a simple design, and has evolved into over 25 unique styles, including our “Pocket” versions to hold all of your Mom stuff. We offer unique binky holder accessories to go with your Feeder Frock, as well as Nursery Decor like our Couture Curtains and Crib Fringe. We just added the Feeder FRONT Frock, which is just the front cover version of all of our nursing cover styles.

As a thank you to our troops, we offer all US military wives/moms shopping with us, free shipping always on all of our items. Just contact us, and we can remove the shipping cost for you.

We want other moms to know that we understand what it’s like to live in a world of kids all day, and that sometimes you need something that is pretty and special, and just for you.

LaDy LaDuke…Unique Items For Mothers and Women
Become Our Fan…Get Special Offers!

**I am receiving no compensation for this feature. I simply want to help spread the word about some lovely ladies!**

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