90s Feels and Vintage Tees

I’m a child of the 80s, but the 90s were my jam! Give me a good t-shirt and jeans and I’m a happy girl. I’ve sort of gotten my tshirt addiction under control, but who am I kidding I have a lot! Some of my favorites are my vintage tees, my band shirts and the vintage-inspired t-shirts. Honestly, they just make me wanna crank up some Bush and sing at the top of my lungs! So where do I find my tshirts?

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Best Places to Find Vintage T-Shirts?

Well, whenever I’m in the mood for a vintage tshirt there are a couple of places that I know I can walk right into and find something. Most importantly I can find something in my size!

  1. Old Navy – They usually have something on their shelves that can satisfy my old soul – but if they don’t they’ve probably got a good sassy saying somewhere that will make me just as happy. Not my go-to, but keep your eyes open! What you can find there is this awesome retro, military-inspired jacket! It’s my favorite and I probably wear it too much!
  2. Torrid – For all my curvy ladies you KNOW Torrid has you covered! Whether you need a Disney shirt for you next trip, a sarcastic saying or a retro t-shirt they’ve got it. I snagged my Back to the Future shirt there. Their tshirts are always so soft and I can count on their sizing. I’m a size 16/18 and I order a size 2 for that perfect tshirt-type fit. I can’t find it in stock, but I’m also here for this Bowie shirt!!!
  3. WalMart – WalMart is another hit and miss, but I can usually find something in the men’s section. I snagged the zip up hoodie I’m wearing below at WalMart though. It complements my 90s vibe. I’m all about the jacket with the hooded sweatshirt under it. You can snag this in stores!
  4. Target – 100% of the time I know I can count on Target for a fun vintage-inspired tee. I can snag these in the men’s section and grab an XL and have it fit perfectly! Their shirts are also always so comfortable and not too tight around the neck, which is a huge nightmare for a girl wearing a dude’s shirt. I recently grabbed a Fender shirt and this awesome Sandlot shirt (which is one of my favorite Baseball movies ever!).
  5. Etsy – Etsy will always come through for you because creatives be creating! And you can also find some real vintage stuff!
  6. Ebay – Always a good bet for vintage shirts, band and concert tees and vintage-inspired shirts that are hard to find. Bidding stresses me out, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
  7. 6DollarTees – Random find when I was searching for stuff on the internet. Glad I ran across this place because they have some of the coolest tshirts!
  8. UPDATE AND NEW ADDITION TO LIST BoxLunch – I discovered this store while in Cleveland visiting some friends. I had never heard of it before and I was totally smitten by the time I left. I was so excited when I discovered a Gilmore Girls (which I know isn’t technically vintage) in plus size! Score! They have so many awesome tees for popculure and music that you should definitely check them out.
  9. Last but not least, if you’re looking for REAL band and concert tees, that can be a real struggle. There are a few sites that will deliver for you though. Check out Tyranny and Mutation and Collectors Weekly.


Where do you score your vintage and/or vintage-inspired tees?

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