Favorite Quarantine Products

Its been forever since I’ve done a favorites blog post, but I have some pretty awesome things to share with you from the last couple of months of quarantine. Nothing like filling endless hours of time at home with some serious product research!

Skincare – If you’ve been around awhile you know that I am more apt to shell out the dough for skincare products. I’ve always believed in taking care of your skin, and with a little bit of good genetics, you’ll get far in life. From as long ago as I can remember my mom stressed this aspect, from her days at Mary Kay and beyond. I have a day and a night cream I love and use religiously, but that same company doesn’t have all the other extra products I like to use, which isn’t much. Two products I have added to my regiment, and one I re-ordered after getting it in my FabFitFun box. The Skin&Co Face Toner is my favorite and I also really love the Radiant Dew which sets make-up, restores the pH balance in your skin and tightens up pores. Its a way steeper $35. It smells good and makes my skin feel awesome. And even though it is $27, it lasts forever AND its cruelty-free, they love organic farming and its free of all that paraben junk. As a side note, if you would like to try FabFitFun you can either try a starter box {just message me and I’ll get that FREE box sent out} or get $10 off your first full-size box!

Hair Care –  I recently shared Finesse shampoo on my Instagram and got a ton of good feedback, and comments from other users. I’ve been working really hard at taking care of my hair since I began to see stress-related hairless over the last three years. There was a lot that happened and it caused a lot of stress with negative consequences on my body in several ways. Never discount what stress can do to your body – but that’s for another blog post. So I did my research and was actually gifted shampoo and conditioner that was part of the Restore+strength collection. They have a moisturizing, normal hair, and color-treated hair option. I noticed increased softness and healthiness from my hair and I’ve been using it for a while. I would 100% recommend it to those looking for an affordable option for healthy hair and softness. Go check out my Instagram post about it to see what a few others are saying as well.


However, there was more I needed to do to help grow my hair, so I did more research. I read reviews, read magazine lists for best hair growth shampoos, and finally settled on one that was a midpoint price range, I could get on Amazon and had moderately good reviews. I would say this shampoo is worth a try. I’m a terrible blogger, and probably a bit self-conscious about what I perceived as huge empty spots on my head that I happened to hide well. It has very specific directions, and I would listen to them. I believe it is working, and it isn’t too much of a wallet buster that it wouldn’t be worth a try for you. Purebiology is right around $28 for a 8oz bottle. I know..its a lot, but comparatively speaking its closer to a steal. A shampoo and conditioner with biotin, Keratin, vitamin B and what is the more important part for hair regrowth (which I learned after all my research) DhT blockers. I also use Navy HairCare scalp scrub, and I’m doing a little bit more research and going to add a scalp scrubber because I am also prone to a very dry scalp…all my life. I will keep you updated on my hair journey!

Billie Razors – I feel like I’m the last person to jump on the Billie train, but I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been using Billie for about a month and its not like any razor I’ve used before. Its crazy and I really love it for my sensitive skin. This will also be Ami’s first Razor, no question. Delivery of my blades right when I need them is a huge selling point. I don’t have to store a bunch, forget where I stored them and then go buy any! Plus, the awesome set up for clipping it to my shower wall is an added bonus. Super affordable, ergonomic handle and their products are either verified or certified green on the Environmental Working Group list, which basically means that’s good for you! Plus, they believe in fighting that pink tax! Why should we pay more for razors? Quit overpaying for Razors! Use my link to sign up and then get your own link to share more about Billie razors and fight the pink tax!


Detangler – If you have a daughter with hair that gets tangled easy (or maybe you do) you know the value of a detangler. I have searched high and low, we’ve tried tons of conditioners, leave-in sprays, expensive and cheap and we have a new favorite. Although I will say that the type of brush you use is such important in the detangling process. But, we are here to talk about leave-in sprays. We want one that will do the job and not leave everyone’s hair feeling greasy…or worse yet, not even do its job. This spray seems to be daughter-approved. Infusium Leave-In has avocado and olive oil, it keeps hair feeling soft and healthy – doing its job over time and not just for the ten minutes you spend brushing your kid’s hair. its a relatively affordable option, and believe me I’ve tried not affordable ones too. I feel like we’ll always be searching for that amazing leave-in spray and it will always be a thing as she learns to navigate having real hair that is thick and needs washing and conditioner and having to do that herself. The price of wanting your hair long is deep ya’ll!

Nails – I, like so many, made the switch to do it yourself nails. While I did often paint my nails at home I just used regular polish and they would inevitably fall apart, chip, squish, and get marks on it. So I made the switch over to gel and I’ve never looked back. Yes, there was a learning curve, yes there are a lot of supplies, but so worth it. As I realized I needed stuff and learned what to do I bought more stuff. You can find everything in my Amazon Storefront, but these are some of my favorites.

Beetles Gel Polish is my favorite of the two different kinds I own. However, I use Makartt top and bottom coat that I got in my original session. I’m going to be totally honest and tell you it took about five times to get the hang of it and get a polish that does chip or peel off. There’s definitely a talent to you that I will never fully accomplish without going to school or working in a nail salon for years. However, I am pretty impressed with myself. Unless you are super talented (which I am not) you’re going to need some accessories in your arsenal.

Besides the UV light, I also use latex nail art paint that I put around the edges. This is super important to avoid peeling later, and it’s crazy how well it works. The set that it comes with has the cuticle stick thing (yes, that’s the technical term) and oil that I absolutely love. I totally believe that with practice you get a pretty decent at-home gel manicure…AND it doesn’t rip of up nails when I take it off. That’s win guys.

what are some of your favorite quarantine finds?


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Favorite Beauty and Body Products

2019 has been the year of trying new products for my face and body, but also still majorly loving some staples! I’ve tried so many products and I’m so excited to try some of my very favorites with you today. Click on the images to be linked directly to the products and get more details. Thank you for reading!

Favorite Beauty and Body Products



I’ve been using this product for about four months, and like the terrible blogger I am I have no before and after to show you! I mean I had fully intended on being very organized but life has gotten in the way. Like most things in life, I tend to be very skeptical. I’m not sure why considering I’ve been using Plexus products for several years now and have been impressed. My skin hardly gets any breakouts anymore, and I have noticed that skin under my eyes had greatly improved even though the amount of sleep I get hasn’t increased significantly. Two products, a day and night serum, and that’s all you need! I used three pumps of each day and it lasts about sixty days, maybe a little more. It is going to address some of top signs of aging like fine lines, puffiness, redness, dryness, and loss of elasticity. {You can purchase through my link, where I technically sell. If you have other Plexus questions feel free to email me}

Navy Hair Care ~ Hair Mask

This is a new product find for me. Shout out to Merrick from Merrick’s Art for this amazing product. I’ve only used it twice but I know I’m going to continue to love it. I have never had my scalp and hair feel so clean. I struggle with dry skin, all over, including my scalp and after two uses I have noticed an improvement in this, as well as the need to use conditioner. If you want to grow strong healthy hair you have to take care of not only your hair but your scalp! This hair mask uses black clay and charcoal to gently exfoliate your hair, while also conditioning and cleansing. It really does ALL OF THAT! I’m also for supporting other bloggers so I know that if you purchase this product you can use code {MERRICK} for 30% off and it supports another amazing blogger.

HeadKandy Knotty Girl Detangling Brush

This recommendation comes straight to you from my ten-year-old who hates brushing her hair more than anything in the world. I think she’d rather do math! I started using this brush simply because it feels like someone is massaging my head and I love that feeling. HeadKandy also provides a military discount EVERY time you purchase. Just verify yourself through their website to get your discount. There is a link at the top so that you can get there easily and quickly. HeadKandy has lots of amazing products. I’ve used their straightening brush, as well as their knockout wand. So if you are looking for either of these products I would give HeadKandy a try. You can see the Knockout Wand in action on my YouTube channel, and you can score $15 off your purchase of $75 or more through my link!

Almay Long-Wear and Waterproof Make-Up Remover

I received this product free at an event and I’ve never looked back! It works so well without me having to scrub on sensitive and delicate eye areas, and takes off my favorite colorstay lipstick like nobody’s business! Plus I love that Almay products in general are great for my sensitive skin. Their products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. I get this product deliverer through my subscribe and save on Amazon, which give a great discount. You can also just purchase it regularly through my Amazon storefront, where you can also find tons more of my favorite products.

Maskcara Makeup

I’ve only been using Maskcara since January. I’m a hard sell guys, what can I say. My friend has been using and selling for awhile now and is a complete rockstar. Follow Jena on Instagram for all sorts of hair and makeup tutorials Guys, she’s really knocking it out of the park! The idea behind it was to make makeup easy. Its a palette system where you only buy the colors you need and want, and Maskcara artists provide a color-match to your face and it is wonderful. What I love about this makeup is the the ability for it to be full-coverage without looking for feeling like full-coverage. The versatility of the makeup as foundation, cover-up, bronzee, lipstick and blush, and eye shadow! It really is neat and worth checking out. Visit their website, see what you think and reach out to Jena!

Tarte Maneater Mascara


I’d previously been using a drug store brand of mascara, which I really do think I love if you don’t want pay over $10 for your mascara. I picked this up in that dreaded Ulta line with all the amazing sample size products! Now I’m in love and willing to pay full price for a full-size version. Thank heavens for Amazon y’all! Tarte mascara has jojoba to hydrate and protect your lashes. This mascara is so easy to put on and doesn’t clump and get all over the place. I put two coats on the top and one on the bottom and I’m ready to go.

Jergens Wet Skin Lotion and Tanning Lotion

I had never tried an in-shower lotion until I was actually looking for tanning lotion and discovered Jergens In-shower tanning lotion (see below). I loved that so much that I decided to try the regular wet skin moisturizer during the summer months. I was so impressed with how well this worked that I started recommending it to everyone! Its super easy and you really can’t mess it up. The tanning lotion is so amazing that people were telling me how amazing my skin looked. I’m telling you, these lotions are the best and super affordable.

NATIVE deodorant

I’ve tried a ton of natural deodorants. Truth be told, I’ve actually made my own before. My sensitive skin has driven me on this quest to find something that actually works and doesn’t kill my skin. But I am here to tell you, so many natural deodorants just plain don’t work or you have to reapply them like ten times a day. Nobody has time for that shenanigans! This one was recommended to me by a friend who was also on the same hunt that I was. Native deodorant is aluminum and paraben free, no dyes and all the other awesome “free” things that one would look for. The coconut one smells like heaven. I know that you will have sticker shock yes, but to me its worth it! I even got it for my daughter who is just starting to use deodorant and who doesn’t need her body flooded with toxins. She’s got a whole lifetime of that ahead of her! You can snag Native products at the happiest place on earth, Target!

Burts Bees Eye Firming Cream

Aside from using my Joyome regularly, I also use Burts Bees eye cream. The eyes are one of the first places you can notice age in my opinion, and I’m arming myself with the tools to keep that at bay as long as possible. I love Burt’s Bees products because I know I can trust that name, and I was thrilled when the day came that they expanded their product line to this “Renewal” product line. 99% natural, ophthalmologist and dermatologist approved (which again, is so important for someone like me with sensitive skin), and made with ingredients like Hibiscus and Apple. If you really love Burt’s Bees products and aren’t interested in trying Joyome, I would also without a doubt recommend their regular face serum.

Here are some of my other favorite products! I’d love to hear yours!

Favorite Beauty Products of 2015  (I still love all of these!!)

Favorite Summer Products



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