Visit Seattle Pt 2 – Ride The Ducks and Buy Used Books

Ride the Ducks Seattle is a must-see while visiting! You get to see so much of the city, from land and water, that would be hard to recreate on food or car! If you want to see the “Sleepless in Seattle” House this is the only way to do it. The house is in a secure gated community and can really only be seen from the water. So we knew that taking a water tour was high on the list. Good news for all my military readers, they offer a great military discount. The tour is pricey, but getting to Seattle and parking (as I mentioned in my last post) is ridiculously easy and inexpensive. Plus you get to see some beautiful sights and learn a ton about the city. I think it would be hard to see and learn all you do on this tour in any other way. Also, if you scroll down you can see the best tour guides ever!!!


I learned more than I ever wanted to know about houseboats and people who live on their boats and the difference between them. There are true houseboats and you’re paying for the area space of the water (into the millions), but the rule is that they have to untether themselves and “go out to sea” once a year. It’s some crazy stuff. But how cool would it be to live on the water?!

This is gasworks park where everyone comes out on the one sunny day of the year to get their tan on! Apparently, we brought the good weather with us. And here we were hoping to experience real Seattle weather, but that was a big fat nope!! Gasworks park is on my bucket list! If you watched “Ten Things I Hate About You,” this is where they filmed the paintball scene.


See that brown house in the middle, barely recognizable? Yeah, that’s the sleepless house. We were giddy!! Don’t judge!


Just a little taste of some of Seattle’s crazy and cool public art! It’s so crazy how much there actually is.¬†

Best tour guide and driver ever!! We were blinded by the ridiculous not Seattle sun, so I had no idea what this picture would look like…and I totally cut off my mama!! Sorry mom, love you!


Add this place to must see used book stores. The lady in this place was amazing and they had everything!!! They even had some really awesome first editions and hard to find books. Also, they have the coolest cats that hang out there. 

Did you know Seattle is the birthplace of Nordstrom’s Department Store? Well, I had to take in some of the more historical sights and view the First Nordstrom’s location (shown above). The bottom portion has been completely redone but the part of the building on the second floor and up is original¬†architecture.

They then moved to the location below (which is now under revitalization) and have been there ever since. The Flagship Nordstroms is beautiful!


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