5 Reasons to Visit West Virginia this Fall

Fall Farm West Virginia

I love West Virginia. It is a place that is my soul and makes me feel so deeply when I am there. Have you ever been to a place like that? My mom is from West Virginia, so that probably helps explain a little bit about why I love it so much; but there is so much that is unexplainable. Those are the reasons that I love to visit West Virginia, and the reasons that living there would make me happy. But lets talk about some of the other reasons that visiting West Virginia in the fall is the perfect time of year to go.


Be a Leaf Peeper!

If you’ve ever driven down 79 into the Charleston area of West Virginia…words can not explain the beauty if you happen to catch the leaves changing at the right time! One of my favorite places to check out the leaves, and just visit in general, is Hawks Nest State Park. Some of the most spectacular views of the state can be seen at this park, including the amazing New River Gorge Bridge.

History is Alive in West Virginia


Take a peek at West Virginia History – Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine – We love this place, and the drive is beautiful. Check out some of the most important history of West Virginia, and what makes her, her! Coal mining is in my family, as it is in most, and was the life blood (and still is if you ask most people) of this beautiful state. Visiting the coal mine is a must-do event any time of year, but going in fall just kicks it up a notch. Summer hours are from April-November, so add this to your list of things to do when you come see the fall foliage. Blenko Glass Museum and Factory – The Blenko Glass Museum is on Travel Channels Top 10 Factory Tours list, and there is a good reason. You can see glass being blown, check out of the museum of glass and get some killer details on a product made in America. These people are true artisans and I love supporting local business. The Blenko pieces I have are some of my favorite things I own, and they make amazing gifts. They also hold events periodically through year, like come at the end of this month and blow your own pumpkin! Sign up for their event notifications on their website and don’t miss out on all the cool stuff you can do at Blenko.


Fall Festival Time!!

Fall wouldn’t be fall without a good festival, and West Virginia provides some great options! I might be partial to hanging out in Charleston at West Virginia’s largest Octoberfest, “OctoberWest!” Check out the amazing WVtourism for more about West Virginia’s Fall Festivals.


Hang out in Charleston, on the Kanawah River

In and around Charleston – Hang out on the Kanawah riverfront in Downtown Charleston. Check out one of the most beautiful State Capitol buildings ever, visit the WV Governor’s mansion, and stroll along the beautiful riverfront. Take a Riverboat Cruise.  Check out smaller towns like Dunbar and their Fall Fest, or head over to Polka and check out a haunted hay ride (of which I’ve done before! I love some small fun!!

Kanawha River

Haunted Fun in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to some old stuff! Hanging out where Civil War ghosts walk is a pretty cool thing! West Virginia is also home to the Trans-Allegany Lunitic Asylum, a place you don’t want to miss this fall if you happen to be into that kind of thing. Have you heard of the Pumpkin House? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! And while it isn’t necessarily haunted, putting this attraction on your list of Halloween Fun in West Virginia is a must! Head over to Point Pleasant and see if you can spot the Mothman! We go almost every time we are in West Virginia! There’s a funky museum, a super cool statue, and you can kind of drive down one of the roads where mothman was spotted. While the nature reserve is officially closed to the public because of the old bomb shelter and artillery storage areas, you can kind of drive down and get totally spooked!!!

Mothman Statue

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