8 Favorites from Amazon Subscribe and Save

I haven’t been using ‘Subscribe & Save’ for that long, but I’ve quickly learned to love it. Sometimes I love it for the price, sometimes its convenience that wins. Whatever the reason I’ve learned that Subscribe and Save can really save me time because usually, the things that I put on the list are not things that I’m including in a regular rotation of grocery shopping. These the things that are added in every once in awhile, things I don’t get at Costco and things oftentimes forgotten.

Cat Litter

Mr. Air Force is kind of picky about litter. He likes it to clump well and stay clumped when it needs to. He also wants one that is specifically designed to work with multiple cats, even though we don’t have them. We have our cat box in our playroom, so it is kind of out in the living area. We want to make sure its not the first thing people smell in our home! We get it delivered and we never have to worry about it. It also gives us a nice reminder on when we should be completely redoing the litter box.

Cat Food

I love that this comes at the beginning of the month, every month and I don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes it’s just super convenient to not think about it. We personally love this limited ingredient food, and it is pretty affordable all things considered. Subscribe and Save also saves you between 5% and 15% dependent on how many things are on your list.

Shampoo and Conditioner

We love getting our shampoo on amazon. Its another convenience order, but this is also a steal! I don’t feel so bad when the kids go through it really fast because who is watching to make sure everyone is using a quarter size, or not using it to make bubbles when I’m not looking? Plus, this particular brand does wonders for Ami’s “easy-to-tangle” hair.


I’ve talked about this brand before. Its a summer staple because they have amazing chlorine products. I also love their 3n1 that I can just send into the showers with the kids at the pool as well. This detangler is a year-round staple. SoCozy also has lice preventative products as well.

Feminine Products

As I was searching for alternatives to my health products, and also looking ahead to when I won’t be the only one using them in my household, I started researching cotton and earth-friendly options. I have been known to use a DivaCup…..but I think I might be lazy or my uterus is super weird because it is almost NEVER easy for me. So, I like to have other options. Enter these cotton products with biodegradable packaging. Certified organic cotton and plant-based packaging make me happy, and is an easy way to make significant changes!

My Shampoo

I’ve been wanting to share this particular shampoo with you guys since I bought it, but I knew I needed to give it a couple of weeks to really make sure it was something that I felt comfortable recommending. After a ton of research, reading articles and reviews I stumbled across Pure Biology Shampoo and Conditioner. I know that I am not the only one that suffers from hair loss. I found that I had it post-partum, pretty badly. Obviously I am not post-partum. My baby is eight (no, I don’t want to talk about it). But two years ago I was the victim of verbal and emotional abuse that was pretty significant. It wasn’t until last year that I even labeled it for what it was. Mostly I brushed it off as stupid conflict. But after talking to people about it, I have put a name on it which has gone a long way in helping me recover. Some of the symptoms included weight gain, insomnia and hair loss. Yup, there it is. So, I’ve been in search of options. I haven’t begun to notice real hair growth yet, but after a month of using there has been a significant decrease in my hair falling out. It really cleanses my hair and doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily or weighed down. And my scalp feels amazing!! I am thrilled with this shampoo and would recommend it!

Cotton Rounds

We now use a ridiculous amount of cotton rounds in our home. I use them for make-up remover and toner, my daughter uses them to cleanse her skin with micellar water, and my oldest uses it in his skincare routine. I like that these come on a semi-regular basis and I don’t have to think about remember that we are out and ordering more. If it overlaps great!  I know that I will always have some.

Dog Treats

Since we now have a puppy in the family we decided to add some of those supplies to the list as well. I’ve found that actually shopping at Petsmart is the best. Amazon, for whatever reason, just doesn’t have the variety I’m looking for. But they do have this puppy parent staple, denta-stix. Love these for keeping up the dog’s teeth in between grooming. I’m also cheap so I do the grooming myself. It’s not perfect but worth saving the money! Puppy loves these and so far the vet has agreed that they are doing the job!

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