My Favorite Travel Gear and Accessories

Traveling can be stressful and crazy, but having the right gear can really change everything up and keep you relaxed and comfortable and ready to go! I’ve traveled a bit in my day – with or without kids and solo with my kids – and I feel like I’ve finally really honed my travel accessories down to a fairly decent list of my favorite things that have become my must-have items.

The Right Bag – The right carryon can make life so easy while traveling. I finally found the perfect bag for traveling and this is the type of bag that I would use whether I was traveling with my kids or not. It carries my wallet and my small cross body bag, a small toiletries bag that I carry my contacts and eyeglasses in, my laptop and a book.  My goal when traveling is to be able to have a few things with me that can get me through a long layover or any initial time without my suitcase should I not be carrying it on the plane. When I was traveling from Florida to Virginia I had to check my bag and then it got lost when I had to stay in Miami overnight instead of a layover. Darn crazy East Coast weather! Luckily I had a few things on me that made it a little easier and I only had to pick up a few things from the store before I went to the hotel. This bag from Target is THE bag! It comes in super cute colors and I really love how the backpack straps zip up and can snap up against the purse itself. 

The Right Shoes – If you’re not one of those fancy people that get to leave their shoes on, the conundrum of what to wear on your feet to make life easier might have been something you spent time questioning. I really don’t want to spend forever putting my life together after taking all my tech out, my shoes off and heaven forbid they have to open my suitcase or bag more. So, getting shoes that I can take off and on easy makes me so happy. I have three shoes that are my go-to travel shoes for different reasons. If I’m traveling in summer time it’s my Rainbow flip flops hand down. Comfortable, easier to take on and off and require zero work from me! If you’re from California these are like a second skin, if you’re not and have no idea what I’m talking about then do yourself a favor and check them out here. The next two depend on how exactly I’m traveling. If I’m traveling really light and only bringing like two pairs of shoes with me I’m going to go with my slip-on converse. They go with most of my outfits and are easy to plan around for a trip. I can wear them throughout my trip no problem! My other favorite travel shoes are the Adidas Cloudfoam Slip-On Tennis Shoes. I scored these at Costco, but they are the most amazing shoe that when I need more I’ll buy them for non-Costco pricing. I’m wearing them in the photo with the awesome travel bag!

The Right Suitcase – I’ve had many different suitcases over the years and I’ve finally found my most favorite suitcase! It is perfect for a weekend or long weekend trip and you can carry it on the plane with you! My absolute favorite is this American Tourister suitcase carryon spinner. It is my favorite spinner suitcase and is so light and comfortable to use no matter how close I get it to the 50lb mark. It fits super easy into the overhead bin and is easy to roll or push. If you’re looking for a new suitcase check out American Tourister.

If you’re looking for larger suitcases I’m in love with our Samsonite suitcases Samsonite suitcases. Its true what they say, pay for quality once. We had our first set for about 12 yrs before the suitcases finally started to run down. They are still usable for road trips because we don’t take them on the plane. So we splurged and purchased another two-piece set and looking forward to having these for another 10+ years.

The Right Accessories – Everyone needs a few good odds and ends to make their travel safe and easy. My RFID accessories do just that. Your identity is often at risk in this day and age, but I feel like during travel is especially when you can find yourself more at risk. If you aren’t a member of AAA i would suggest it. We’ve been members for a long time and they have a great “store” inside some of their bigger locations. This is where I have found the majority of my RFID travel products. Now you can get creative and provide RFID safety, but also combine it with other smart travel tactics. Travelon has a wide variety of products including my two favorites, the RFID blocking Scarf, which not only provides digital security, it provides a way for you to separate your travel documents and money to be closer to your person which is recommended when traveling. If you are a family traveling together another favorite of mine is the Multi-passport holder, which provides a safe way to carry all of your passports together without bulk. You may not know that your passports should also be in RFID blocking cases now! Visit Travelon and load up on all your travel accessories to keep you safe.

Maximize What You Pack – This is probably one of the best things I’ve learned about traveling. Think outside the box when you are packing. What can you wear for multiple things? Can you dress up a certain shirt or outfit to go from day to evening? Normally I would pack a lot of shoes, but for my last trip taking a bunch of shoes was just eating up space! So I decided to go with one casual sneaker type shoe and a bootie for dressing up but wanted to be able to wear the booties for walking around as well. So, I thought outside the box and went with my low-heeled brown booties and then brought black tights to wear with them and a dress for the evening if it was cold. In my head I was thinking black tights with brown booties? Think outside the box ya’ll!! The same thing goes with other clothing you bring as well, cardigans can dress up a shirt, throw on some jewelry which also doesn’t take up a lot of room. Also, a recent user of Maskara makeup I have totally slimmed down what I pack in that department. I love that, especially for when I am going carry on with my luggage. Maskara is all your make-up, multi-purpose, and in one compact! If you are interested in finding out more check out my girl Jena and she’ll fill you in on all the details!

read about some of my favorite places to travel 

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10 Things You Must Do While Visiting Houston

I’m still wistfully remembering my days in Houston ya’ll. It was just the best time and exactly what I needed. The flip side of that is that there is such a huge drawback to that City and it’s strongly connected to my soul. When something rescues you it becomes a huge part of your heart and you feel like you’ve literally left a piece of your heart back there. Texas has that effect on me. I’ve loved every time I’ve been there and I feel like I’m just a little bit Texas. So, if you’ve never been to Texas I would strongly suggest considering it for a vacation. Houston is such a great place with so much to do. You can catch up on my Visit Houston posts and get some great ideas for your visit –> here (or by clicking the Travel tab up top).

1.Yellow Rose Distillery


On my list was checking out one some of the local breweries and distilleries in the area. Since I happen to be a whiskey fan I decided on Yellow Rose Distillery. They offer a $10 tour, which includes tastings of their six different types of whiskey. They also have a great bar where they make some fabulous cocktails. Catch them the right time and you’ll get $5 drinks! You can catch tours Friday 4:30 and 5:30 pm and six tour options on Saturday on the 1/2 hr starting at 11:30. One really awesome thing about Yellow Rose is that they want you to come to hang out! Bring your kids, bring snacks and bring a board game and hang out with your friends. I would recommend their Old Fashioned AND their liquor chocolates. Those were so heavenly! You can also grab some of their special maple syrup and their Yellow Rose cocktail glasses. Supporting local businesses is so important, especially a business where they work so hard to make a quality local product.


2. Kaboom Books

A good used book store should always be on everyone’s list. This particular one in The Heights might need more than one visit because of its size. So many nooks and crannies, and I guarantee you will find something to tickle your fancy. There are 76 sections with over 100,000 books. You can find out of print books and current titles. Plus if you’re real lucky you might get to have good conversation with the owner who is often behind the counter…or get to pet the shop cat. Either way, put Kaboom Books on your list for things to check out while in Houston.


3. 19th Street

Welcome to the main drag of what is known as Houston Heights. The Heights, a planned community created in 1890 is a wonderful place to spend a good part of your afternoon if you are looking to get out of the downtown city part of Houston. Its everything you could ever want in an older part of town, a town within a town. The beauty of Houston Heights is in the tree-lined streets, the beautiful stately homes ( I might have scrolled a few pages worth on Zillow ), the fun art and 19th Street. The streets are lined with small business and locally owned shops, each with their own uniqueness. Visit the historic Heights Theater, built in 1929, and refurbished to be what it is now, keeping the Art Deco feel intact. 19th Street is also a bloggers dream, with adorable shops with quirky colors, and a few of those famous Houston Murals. Some of my favorite stores on the street include

By Cortney Martin from Houston, TX, USA – 19th Street, CC BY 2.0, Link

  • Vinal Edge Yes you did see the spelling and you wondered briefly if I had misspelled it. Nope, I didn’t. I heard about this shop from my friend and I came with room in my suitcase specifically for this shop. In business since the mid-80s, Vinal Edge has established themselves as a go-to record store in Houston. They have a great Jazz selection and a surprisingly decent classical selection. The classical selection is always a little iffy in many of record shops I’ve been in. The pricing is also very good as well. Most importantly they have a great listening area for you so you can check out your record stack before you purchase it. If you are into records give Vinal Edge and once over. Perhaps the coolest thing is that you can also place an order online and they will ship to you!!!
  • Dramatika – Dramatika is a locally owned frame shop, but step inside and find unique gifts that I’ve never seen anywhere and a solid collection of hysterical greeting cards. And yes, I realize that greetings card aren’t something that people usually care about anymore as snail mail is not as popular as it once was. You might change your mind after stepping into Dramatika.
  • Sweet Bribery – This yummy ice cream shop isn’t the only place to get some ice cream in The Heights, but man if it isn’t the cutest. The fluorescent Texas sign is probably my favorite thing, aside from the fun and unique ice cream flavors! The Bourbon Espresso was heavenly!! Sweet Bribery carries vegan and gluten-free options, which I know is appreciated, and you can have your ice cream served in handmade waffle cones! Each flavor is handcrafted and their ice cream is made from the simplest ingredients. Their master pastry chef was just nominated for Best Pastry Chef by Culture Map Houston, and it is well deserved.
  • Manready Mercantile – Looking for a manly shop full of leather, alcohol flavored toothpicks and candles? Yes, I said candles. Look no further than Manready Mercantile. Manready, opened in 2014, was opened to create a highly curated atmosphere of Houston-made, American-made and specifically chosen worldwide products that reflect the values of what it means to be a Texan. Many of the products are unisex, but a majority of products are products chosen by men, for men, which is something that was felt to be missing from the market in the way that Manready does it. The shop in and of itself is really cool to visit. Some of my favorite products are their candles that they make on site (my favorite is called John Wick), their alcohol flavored toothpicks and their hand-dipped bar glasses. Find cool Texas themed products like their recently launched vintage-inspired ball caps.
  • Retropolis – The coolest resale shop in Houston, full of Vintage clothing and accessories for sale. It also has an interesting collection of rentals as well. You pick out just about any color of polyester suit with matching ruffle shirt! Find your next themed night costume or that PanAm stewardess bag you’ve been looking for. Its an adventure every time and should definitely be on your list of things to check out when in The Heights.

4. Graffiti Building/ Houston Mural (Gelazzi building) – EADO and The Heights

If you’ve followed me on Instagram you know that aside from my love affair with the Houston skyline you know that I loved the Houston street art. I had in mind to see as much as I could and my awesome friend delivered. I would definitely say that Houston is known for its street art, and it is commonly the subject of Instagram accounts. Anyone can feel like a fashion blogger in front of one of these. I know I did! The main place to go to see a lot of street art in one place is the Graffiti Building in EADO (east downtown) Several buildings are covered in them, and you can find the angel wings there too! There is so much good stuff there so get your camera ready.

Another mural that was high on my list was the Welcome to Houston mural in The Heights. Stop in to Gelazzi and grab some gelato, then get a super cute “Welcome to Houston” snap before you leave.

5. Wells Fargo Building View (downtown architecture)

There aren’t many places to see the view of Houston from up high, especially since the restaurant in the Wedge Tower has been closed for renovation (don’t worry that’s coming back soon and its going to be awesome!). But you can take a few elevators and an escalator and check out the floor to ceiling view in the Wells Fargo Building. It was incredible and made me a little nervous. But I’m glad we didn’t give up the search. Seeing all of the amazing architecture from that view is worth getting up there, and the stroll to get there has a ton of sites to see.

6. Julia Ideson Library Reading Room and Ceiling

Another bucket list item should be the Julia Ideson Library Reading Room and the ceiling that is just outside of it. The Julia Ideson is a Houston Public Library in Downtown Houston. It was built in 1926, and for my fellow architecture lovers is modeled after the Spanish Renaissance. Everything about this place is gorgeous. In 1977 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

7. George Bush and Sesquicentennial Park

After George HW Bush passed away I learned that there was a park in Houston that was created to honor him. I knew that if I had some extra time that I needed to go visit. The whole Sesquicentennial Park and the green space that lines the Bayou Canal through the city is a great place to run while visiting Houston, eat a lunch, read or just take a walk in. Its close to the city, but I found it to be slightly removed the bustling and surprisingly peaceful. Come back and night and see the large silver art installations light up the night!

8. Beer Can House

In 1968 retired Southern Pacific Railroad worker began the project that would become The Beer Can House. Eighteen years later the house slowly began is disappear. Over 50,000 cans are estimated to have been used for the project. The walkway and driveway is even art, with embedded metal and marbles making it a colorful and unique site. You can go inside the beer can house for a small fee of $5. During the winter and spring months you can catch the Beer Can House open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5, but in the summertime you would have more opportunities to visit during the week (wed-sun 12-5pm).

9. Downtown Stroll and Bar Crawl

I happen to be an architecture lover. Looking at cool buildings makes me very happy. Houston is the perfect place for people like me, as their skyline is known for being awesome. Viewing it during the day is great, but come back at night and see how a lot of it is lit up, and how the different glass reflects the light. Its truly amazing. While you’re down there enjoy Houston’s nightlife and check out some of the coolest bars that I’ve ever been to. The downtown scene in the evening is one of the reasons I can’t wait to go back and one of the reasons Houston is being put on the travel map! Check out my post with 6 bars you must experience. 

10. JP Morgan Chase Building

Probably one of my favorite buildings is the JP Morgan Chase building on Main Street in downtown Houston. The architecture is incredible as you can see from some of my pictures below, but the inside of this building is absolutely drool-worthy. Take a walk through and check out the old call boxes and mailboxes in the lobby, then go through and grab a bite to eat in Finn Hall.

There is so much to do in Houston that one list doesn’t even begin to cover it. Make sure to check out my other Houston posts linked here in this post, as well as up top in my travel drop down! You’ll find stuff to keep you busy for a whole weekend!



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10 Things Your Kids Will Love in Washington, DC

As I’ve been writing about my travels and sharing some of my favorite places in my own backyard I decided it was time I asked the kids what their favorite places in our city are. Kids can have such unique and wonderful perspectives that should be listened to. What the kids think is exciting or special might not be the same to me or an adult. And when you’re planning a trip with kids, getting a kid’s perspective could be helpful. Some of these are seasonal events, but they were part of their Top 10, and believe me this was quite a discussion.


Artechouse {1238 Maryland Ave SW}

You may have seen my post about the Artechouse – their current exhibit is up until March 10th, but I’m sure that whatever comes next for this place will be equally as wonderful. My kids loved this place and have asked to go back. That tells me that this is a hit with all three of them.

See my Artechouse post here


Smithsonian Natural History Museum (specifically the rock/gemstones) {10th Street NE & Constitution Ave NE}

One of our favorite museums in the Smithsonian system is the Natural History Museum. There is a lot of cool stuff to see, but the kids’ favorite part is the rocks and gemstones portion. You can touch a piece of Mars, find your birthstone and see the Hope Diamond.

Washington Monument {National Mall}

When my oldest was in Kindergarten he was given a project at school. He had to make a poster about him and include his favorite place. He chose the Washington Monument. Before all the kids were in school I would pack a lunch and take the kids down to the Mall and spend the afternoon walking around, running and playing in the dirt. It was such a wonderful time, and I truly believe it is then that they fell in love with our little city. Note, there is more construction going on at the Monument now and you can’t go up. It doesn’t look like the construction in the picture (that’s from when we first moved here after the earthquake damage), but there is construction going on.

Lincoln Memorial {National Mall}

This is one of my favorite places to go but was the top of the list for my daughter. For me, it has a little something to do with Lincoln being one of my very favorite Presidents. When asked to put it into words why she liked it, it was a little difficult for her. “It’s just a really special place to go, mom,” was the response I got.  I remember going for the first time and being in awe of the site of it. The fact that I was actually standing in front of something that I had seen in pictures and movies, and read about, was so cool.


DC fourth of July Parade and the fireworks

This item on the list is obviously something that only occurs once a year, but if you’re planning a trip to DC over the holiday or you live here, I would highly recommend giving this a shot. We chose to get a hotel for two nights in the city so that we could be there the day before, and then not have to drive back home after the events. The very thought of fighting that traffic makes me want to cry, so that was a big nope. The crowds that gathered to watch were not as bad as I thought they would be, and the kids had a blast with ZERO technology. Hanging out right by the Washington Monument was also a good choice, and getting through security wasn’t an issue at all. Look for a “Fourth of July in DC” post to come soon!

Christmas White House tour and/or National Christmas Trees

Another seasonal item and one you need to get tickets for is the White House Christmas Tour. We were blessed to be able to do it very soon after we got here and I took the two bigs with me. Standing in line and waiting would have been difficult for Phillip, as I believe he was only two when we went. We had lots of fun and the did a great job. The two oldest were five and seven when we went. But, if you can’t get tickets the kids highly recommend checking out the National Christmas Tree and all of the state trees. Find YOUR state and see how each one is decorated.

Great Falls Park {9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean VA}

While not in DC, it is just a short drive and a great way to spend the day. Pick up or pack and lunch, bring a football or a frisbee, and spend the day outdoors. There are different levels of hikes that you can go on, a great Junior Ranger program. The falls are truly breathtaking and definitely something you should see. They have a great open green space for eating or throwing a ball around. Pack the insect repellent because our east coast bugs are no joke!

Cherry Blossoms

If you’re traveling to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival I’m going to warn you now that you could show up and there will be no Cherry Blossoms. There have been several years where ran has come, promptly knocking all the blossoms off the trees. But sometimes it all works out so beautifully and you get some great shots. Prepare yourself for the crazy, especially if you are going to go during the festival. Lines for the metro are crazy, and it will be crowded. We like to go a day or two before the festival depending on when the blossoms actually bloom.

Just Walking Around DC

I included this one because this is something that all three of them mentioned to me. They truly do like being downtown, checking out the buildings and all the history around. They don’t tire of it and that makes me one happy mama! Spending time down there, despite the traffic and despite the crowds is such a good idea. My kids are comfortable navigating on the metro and are slowly getting an understanding of where things are when they are down there. Walking around and checking out all the memorials and monuments is a great way to spend your day.

National Harbor (Ferris Wheel)

The National Harbor is a fun place to go in general, but we recently went up in the Ferris Wheel for the first time. It’s not really my favorite thing at all and I spent the majority of the time with my eyes closed, but the kids absolutely loved it! Get breathtaking views of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Ones that are hard to replicate because we just don’t have skyscrapers here. Keeps our skyline nice and pretty.


what would your kids add to the list?

Check out more of our DC/NoVA Adventures here!




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Visit Houston Part 4 – Six Seriously Good Eats in Houston

Continuing on with the Houston Love today I’m sharing six seriously good eats with ya’ll! Checking out good eats in Houston is a daunting task because there is just so much good food to be eaten. You could spend a whole trip checking off Burger joints. Then you’ve got BBQ, steakhouses, and Tex-Mex. There’s a never-ending supply of fabulous places to eat. Several places on the bucket list that I didn’t make it to were The 43rd Restaurant at Wedge Internation. I’m a bit of an architecture lover and eating here, with access to a balcony was going to be a fun treat. Unfortunately, it was closed for construction, but if you get a chance to check it out I would! {update: the 43rd is officially closed and will be reopening as Strato 550 this Spring! Y’all!! I am so excited, and it looks increidble. But it on your list} Add Niko Niko, Teotihuacan and Coltivare to your list. Those are on my Houston Bucket List! So, while the list is long you have to accept you just won’t be able to fit it all in. Between the amazing coffee shops with food, and bars (also with food) food can be the central point of your visit.


Ritual {602 Studewood Street}

Located in The Heights, is the rustic, home cooking, warm vibe Ritual. From the dark wood floors and walls, exposed brick, and the eclectic mix and match vintage plates – everything has been chosen to create the inviting atmosphere that you will find. Sit at the bar and enjoy the full menu which includes meat straight from the butcher room that you would have a great view of if you did sit at the bar. The Ritual Burger was amazing and I would add the Southern Street Corn and the Balsamic Brussel Sprouts w/Bacon to your list. The Old Fashioned was great. And just in case you were in the mood there’s a small collection of new vinyl you can purchase on your way out. Check the large board on the wall to check out the beers they have available because they do change. This isn’t the place to order your Budweiser or Coors. On Ritual’s bar list you’ll find local favorites like Lone Pint Yellow Rose, St Arnolds 5 o’clock Pils and Hoppy Witbier Real Ale White. After dinner head next door to The Ready Room for a drink and, depending on the night of the week, some good music.

Sit Lo in Finn Hall {712 Main Street}

Finn Hall is located in the JP Morgan Chase Building

Located in the newly opened Finn Hall, which I talked about in my coffee post, is Sit Lo – with its Vietnamese street food fare. Providing its customers with locally grown and fresh ingredients is an important part of the Sit Lo experience. If you’ve been downtown and seen a food truck called Bowl’D Up, those would be the same people that have now brought some of their best foods to Finn Hall as Sit Lo. Enjoy Southern Vietnamese fare from some of the most beloved family recipes. Their vermicelli bowls are worth giving a try, although the Imperial rolls were hit or miss. The choices at Finn Hall are many, so take a few visits and give each one a try. Let me know your favorite when you!

The Black Labrador {4100 Montrose Blvd #8}

If you’re looking for an authentic English Pub experience look no further than The Black Labrador in the Montrose area. I’ve been in several English pubs in different states and this one ranks near the top of experiences and food. The Black Lab is only second to Martin’s Tavern here in DC, which is one of my favorite places to eat. The Shepherd’s Pie was spectacular and is a must-try on the menu. The Black Lab is a large restaurant so even on a busy Friday Night seating wasn’t a huge issue. You can also choose to sit at their large bar area. When the weather is nicer they also offer outdoor patio seating. Grab a pint or a mixed drink, or choose one of their specialty UK libations like Pimm’s Cup or The Margaret Thatcher. When you’re done with dinner on a Friday or Saturday Night you can head upstairs for some music at Cezzane’s Jazz Club.

Surya {700 Durham Drive, Suite 200}

Chef-Owner Sheel Joshi brought his successful 10yr restaurant Surya from Beverly Hills to the Heights-area of Houston. You can see some remnants of Surya’s glitzy previous life with a Michelin guide recommendation as well as some famous faces with autographs on the wall. Bringing a little bit of glamour to Houston where home cooking and comfort food are well enjoyed. Sit back and enjoy this modern take on Northern Indian food, in a very modern atmosphere. I have maybe tried Indian food once in my life and didn’t consider myself to be a fan. This is one of the favorite restaurants of some of the people I spent time with in Houston, and there’s nothing better than having people who love something take you to try it and walk you through the process. Ordering here can a family-style event or you can order a personal serving. I favor the family style option for maximum testing of foods, and getting a little bit of everything you like. CSLblog recommended dishes – Aloo Gobi, Daal, Saag Paneer (this is the dish I was convinced I wouldn’t like but ended up being my favorite) and Chicken Tikka. I also can’t rave enough about their Naan bread! I’m a huge Naan fan and this was excellent and the portion size is huge!

Laredo Taqueria  {915 Snover Street}

My one Mexican food outing this round was this local’s favorite. Located in the Memorial Park is the place where locals know its worth it to stand in line for 25+ minutes just to get inside. I wasn’t sure about that part but I assured that it would be and they weren’t wrong. Just make sure to prepare yourself for the ridiculousness that is the parking lot and side street of this place. Not that I was actually ever in fear for my life, everyone is just apparently excited about this food that parking can be a bit tricky to navigate. Be ready for the portion sizes on the platters because I was definitely not! I actually laughed out loud when I got my Tostadas. I couldn’t resist trying the Fideo bowl as well, so needless to say I did not finish my meal. One of my favorite things is that you can get yourself a nice cold glass bottle of soda. Nothing better than drinking soda from a glass bottle.

Laredo has three other locations so make sure to check their website to see if another location is closer to you!

Pho Saigon  {2808 Milam Street}

On my “walking around Houston” day I found myself basically walking from one side of Houston to the other checking off things on my list that I didn’t get to see. It was my bonus “sketchy weather back home” day so I was bound and determined to get as much in as I could. I went to see the lanterns in front of the Toyota Center (which now seeing them at night and lit up in on my bucket list), a historical church that was burnt down and rebuilt, George Bush Park and whatever else I could find. The craving for Pho hit me so I looked up Pho in Houston. Pho Saigon is lauded as the best pho over and over again in my search and it was only another mile. I was working for my pho today! They did not disappoint. I’ve had a lot of pho here in the DC area and this pho was probably some of the best I have ever had. Service is quick and the pho inexpensive, two things I love about a good pho place. I will be honest and say the egg rolls were just okay, and I would pass on them next time. Also, weird note about the check. They leave it with you and you take it to the register, but I only realized that by watching people.

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2019 Washington, DC Bucket List

Since we moved here seven years ago I have wanted to take in every piece of this amazing place that we live. When you move somewhere it doesn’t take long for that “home” feeling to set in. You know the one where you suddenly blink and you’re like “We have museums here?” Now granted that might be a little harder to do in Washington, DC because every year countless schools and tourists in general pile into our city. It’s tourism all the time! They stand on the wrong side of the metro escalator during the weekdays and take our parking spots on the weekends. We explore our city and the surrounding DC Metro area regularly and there is still a huge list of things that we haven’t done.

Since 2019 is a year that I have really dedicated to travel and exploring, in general, I’ve decided to make a list of some of the top things that I want to see and do this year in the Washington, DC and general DC Metro Area. Check out the list for yourself or leave me your recommendations! Whose to say this list can’t keep growing all year long!

~ 2019 DC/NoVA Bucket List ~


The Sun Building

On the National Register of Historic Places, it is noted as the first skyscraper in DC. Completed in the late 1800s it was the home of the Washington Bureau for the Baltimore Sun. The inside and outside have been kept their historical accuracy and maintain their original beauty.

Watergate Hotel Complex

So much history at the Watergate, plus the giant complex has a fantastic rooftop bar and view. You can visit the location of the Watergate Scandal, and even stay the night if really want to transport yourself back in history.

Folder Shakespeare Library Reading Room

Built in 1932 and housing the world’s largest Shakespeare collection is the Folder Libary in Washington, DC. The film As You Like It featured the stained glass window that you can find in the Reading Room. Tours are available!

Drinks at the Williard Hotel 

The current facade was built in 1901, converted from a connected grouping of row homes. It was completely restored, after falling in disrepair, in the 1980s. The inside is gorgeous and a delight for those of us that love architecture and beautifully detailed old buildings.  Visit and walk the ground where Lincoln, Grant, Coolidge and other famous Washingtonians walked.

Hecht Company Warehouse

Straight out of the Art Deco-influenced 1930s – and looking like the set of a black and white sci-fi movie, the Hecht Company is a must-see for those looking for the weirder side of Washington, DC!

Congressional Cemetary

Until the mid-1830s, the Congressional Cemetary was the burial place for all Congressman. It was the first truly National Cemetary and is now a National Landmark. Take a tour and visit the graves of J. Edgar Hoover, John Phillip Sousa and David Herold (an accomplice of John Wilkes Booth).

Blind Whino

Located in the Historic Friendship Baptist Church built in 1886, Blind Whino is an art collective housing and community experience hosting unique art and events, a community guardian and specialty pop-up exhibits throughout the year. Currently, you can see the pop-up museum of Hip Hop!

National Building Museum

I have been to most of the main, Smithsonian type, museums in Washington, DC. While the Building Museum is not part of the Smithsonian complex it is a unique and must-see building in the DC area. The history behind the museum is also unique, as it used to house the history Bureau of Pensions when it was built in the 1800s. You will find architectural toys, drawings, photography, decorative plaster (which I know doesn’t sound exciting) and the history behind the Manhattan Project.

Tudor Place

Tudor Place is one of America’s first Historic Landmarks, and was built by a Granddaughter of Martha Washington in 1816.  It is one of the few urban estates that sits on almost all of its original space.

Bureau of Printing and Engraving – US Mint

Heurich House Museum {aka – The Brewmasters Castle}

The mansion is the most intact remaining Dupont area mansions. It was built by a German immigrant, a philanthropist, and brewer Christian Heurich.

George Washington Masonic Memorial

The Department of Interior

O Street Mansion

The Mansion is a series of five interconnected row houses which include over 100 rooms and 70 secret doors. You can find almost anything in the Mansion, including concerts, classes, Espionage tours, art and photography exhibits and food tours. The events at the Mansion are just as unique as the Mansion itself.

National Arboretum

Visit some of the original columns of the Capitol Building on display at the Arboretum.

Dupont Underground Tunnels

Opening in 1949, the underground tunnels once were a trolley station. They were closed in the early 60s after spending a brief time as an offical fall out shelter. Now the area offers tours and showcases art and cultural events, as well as displaying some of the cities coolest murals and street-art.

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